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1160 (1998), 1199 (1998), 1203 (1998), 1239 (1999) AND 1244 (1999)

New York, 25 July 2008

Let me join others in thanking SRSG Zannier for his briefing on the latest situation in Kosovo and congratulate him on his new assignment, and the Secretary-General for his report. We would like to welcome and thank His Excellency Mr. Vuk Jeremic, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Serbia for his statement. We would also welcome Mr. Skender Hyseni.

Mr. President,

While taking into account the evolving situations on the ground in Kosovo that surrounds and affects the role of UNMIK and the interests of maintaining peace and stability, we urge all parties on the ground to continue to work and cooperate with UNMIK.

Resolution 1244 continues to provide the necessary political and legal framework for UNMIK to discharge its mandate, including the implementation of “Standards.” UNMK’s operational reconfiguration, we understand, is status-neutral.

We acknowledge the importance of the Secretary-General’s instruction for UNMIK to cooperate with the European Union in the area of the rule of law under the overall authority of the United Nations consistent with the operational framework established under resolution 1244.

For this reason, we wish to impress upon the establishment of clear linkage between the EU office and International Civilian Operation, with the Office of SRSG. It is our understanding that Resolution 1244 still governs Kosovo and thus any entity working in the region have to fall within the framework of 1244.

The Council, in this regard, needs to keep abreast of the activities of EU and ICO on the ground through the regular briefing of the SRSG and written report of the Secretary General.

Mr. President,

We support the continuation of a dialogue with Belgrade on issues of mutual concern which we regard as crucial in importance for the efforts of the UN in Kosovo. We are pleased that the SRSG stands ready to engage in a discussion and negotiation in an open, transparent, and balanced manner in order to develop a dialogue with Belgrade with a view to implementing practical arrangements.

However, it is also particularly crucial that this dialogue must also encompass the wider issue of the Status question. Without this notion, it is difficult to foresee the possibility of a normalization of the situation on the ground.

Mr. President,

It has been Indonesia’s position that dialogue and negotiation remain essential to resolve the question of Final Status. And, we welcome the steadfast position taken by Serbia by committing itself to resolve the Final Status of Kosovo only through political and legal means. By the same token, we call on parties in Kosovo to embrace the position taken by Serbia.

This position will assure that the region will reap the peace dividends.

We believe that the Secretary General should continue to engage all parties in the region to find a mutually acceptable solution, in line with Resolution 1244

Finally, Mr. President, we would like to conclude by thanking the relentless efforts of the Secretary General and his team as well as all personnel of UNMIK for their continued dedication in the pursuit of peace and security in line with SC Resolution 1244.

I thank you.

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