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Statement by

H.E. Mrs. Adiyatiwidi A. Adiwoso
Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia
to the United Nations

at the Meeting of the Open-ended Working Group on the Question of Equitable Representation on and Increase in the Membership of the Security Council and Other Matters related to the Security Council

New York, 2 September 2008


Mr. President,


Let me join others in thanking you for convening this meeting. We commend the good efforts by you and your four distinguished Vice Chairpersons, the Permanent Representatives of Bangladesh, Chile, Djibouti and Portugal, throughout the 62nd session on issues in the Security Council reform discourse.


We thank you for your draft report of the Open-ended Working Group (OEWG). We also commend the Vice Chairs for their report, which has tried to reflect the different positions on the Council’s reform, as well as your initiative of 7 principles, which have been a significant progress in our deliberations in this session.


Mr. President,

My delegation is committed to the Council’s reform. We would like to see a Council, which is transparent, democratic, representative, and effective in fulfilling its immense responsibility to maintain international peace and security, in an even handed and just manner.


We would like to focus on the draft report of the Open-ended Working Group before us. My delegation notes the notion to commence the intergovernmental negotiations directly in the next session. We appreciate the feelings in some quarters to immediately commence the negotiations. But at the same time, we have a concern on the effectiveness of going directly to the intergovernmental negotiations since there remain significant divergent views. Without a clear basis, the direct intergovernmental negotiations would most likely be ineffective. We have to be careful to avoid situations that may inadvertently lead to furthering the divisions to extremes, moving us farther from our collective goal of realising an effective reform of the Council.


The difference in point of view on the reform is only a natural manifestation of the different perspectives in the world on how to make the Council more transparent, and be representative of our comprehensive world view. We need to work more, with greater political will. We should try to identify “common negotiables” first along with an understanding on the “procedural framework”, including, inter alia, in the area of categories of membership. General agreement on these key aspects is essential to commence intergovernmental negotiations so that they will be more effective, meaningful and result-oriented.


Having listened to the delegates, we believe that you, Mr. President should conduct further necessary consultations to ensure that the draft report will garner general agreement.


Mr. President,

It is also crucial to ensure that the process for deliberations at the OEWG remains inclusive, equitable, and transparent. Needless to say, this is a key factor in building further trust between the member states, and enhancing the political will. We continue to believe that the OEWG by virtue of its open and participatory nature is the most appropriate forum.


We reiterate our commitment and support to the OEWG in continuing to work towards a comprehensive and robust reform of the Council.


Thank you.

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