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H.E. Hasan Kleib

Permanent Representative of

the Republic of Indonesia

to the United Nations



Agenda item 107:

Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism





New York, 5 October 2010

Madame Chair,


First of all, allow me to congratulate you upon your assumption to the Chairmanship of the Sixth Committee as well as to the other members of the Bureau on their election. My delegation is certain that under your able stewardship, our deliberations will be fruitful. Let me also assure you of my delegation’s full support and cooperation for the successful work of the Committee.


My delegation also wishes to thank the Secretary-General for the report contained in document A/65/175 on measures to eliminate international terrorism and its addendum.


Indonesiaassociates itself with the statement of the Organization of the Islamic Conference delivered by the representative of Syria as well as the statement of the Non Aligned Movement delivered by the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Madame Chair,


Indonesiahas consistently condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. As a nation that has suffered immensely at the hands of terrorists, Indonesia is always in the front line of comprehensive efforts to overcome the scourge of terrorism. Paragraphs 37-46 of the report of the Secretary-General clearly reflect the many initiatives that Indonesia has taken at the national, bilateral and regional levels in this regard.


Indonesia’s national strategy against terrorism was adopted in 2006 through a ministerial decision.We are continuing the process of clarifying and strengthening that strategy, and are also currently drafting legislation to meet the specific challenges of terrorist financing.I am also pleased to state that among other measures, Indonesia has so far ratified seven of the universal counter-terrorism instruments.


Among our domestic measures, Indonesia has also established a Coordinating Body on Combating of Terrorism, upgraded from the Coordinating Desk on Terrorism Eradication. Furthermore, by Presidential Regulation No. 46 (2010), Indonesia established the National Body for Counter Terrorism. Its responsibilities include the implementation of the five universal counter-terrorism strategies, namely prevention, protection, enforcement, preparedness, and recovery.


It is our view that comprehensive measures in combating terrorism is multifaceted in nature, since they may involve various tools such as intelligence, law enforcement, economic policy, foreign policy, public diplomacy, domestic security and socio-cultural policy. Tangible results of such measures would be feasibly achieved if they are carried out in a more integrated and coordinated manner. All those elements are complementary and mutually reinforcing. Therefore, we should not favor one tool while neglecting others.


Madame Chair,


Our national efforts in countering terrorism have been accompanied by bilateral, regional as well as international cooperation.


Bilaterally, Indonesia has concluded counter-terrorism cooperation agreements with many countries particularly with its immediate neighbors. We have also spearheaded regional cooperation in law enforcement, border control and legislative framework for counter-terrorism. The Jakarta Center for Law Enforcement Cooperation, set up jointly by Indonesia and Australia, provides structured training for law enforcement practitioners in the Asia Pacific region, and it has gained support and praise.


Madame Chair,


My delegation would like to reiterate that the battle against terrorism should not be used as a platform for violating the human rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens. The global effort to combat terrorism must also be seen to be legitimate. Undermining international law principles and human rights would not only be counter-productive, but would also erode the political legitimacy necessary to sustain global efforts in fighting terrorism. On no account must human rights be compromised under the pretext of combating terrorist groups.


We would also like to stress the importance of not equating terrorism with any religion or peoples, ethnicities or nationalities, as this would lead to unnecessary and dangerous profiling that could make the battle against terrorism difficult to win.


Similarly, we believe that it is of the utmost importance that our fight against terrorism addresses the root causes of terrorism.Nothing justifies terrorism, but at the same time, we are convinced that it is unhelpful to ignore those circumstances that provide terrorists with philosophical material and make the work of extremist-recruiters easier.


Madame Chair,


My delegation strongly looks forward to fruitful negotiations of the draft comprehensive convention on international terrorism, with the objective of finalizing it before the end of this year. In this regard, we are pleased with the progress made at the negotiations in the Ad Hoc Committee so far this year, and we also support the convening of a working group during the Sixth Committee to continue the work of the Ad Hoc Committee with a view to concluding the draft convention.


Before I conclude, I would like to reiterate the importance of the early convening of a high-level conference to address the multitude of issues concerning terrorism, with particular reference to its root causes, the relationship between the goals and means of combating terrorism, as well as the respect for the rule of law and human rights. Such a conference could also provide an important forum for identifying practical ways of strengthening the role of the United Nations in the fight against terrorism.


I thank you.

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