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Statement by

Kartika Handaruningrum

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia


on Agenda Item 21: “UN-Habitat ”

at the Second Committee of the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly


New York, 2 November 2010



Madam Chair,


I associate my statement with the Group of 77 and China.


I thank the Secretary-General for the report on the Implementation of the outcome of the Habitat II Conference, and strengthening of the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat).


Madam Chair,


The Habitat II Conference motivated and inspired us to launch global efforts to reach the dual goal of providing shelter for all, and sustainable human settlements.


We developed ambitious policies and programs in support of those goals. UN Habitat also played an active role in supporting many countries.


As a result of continued efforts, there have been improvements in the quality of life for our peoples.


The Habitat Agenda continues to be one of the most important goals to be achieved by the international community and inter-related to the attainment of the MDGs.


Indonesia will continue to support international efforts to achieve the Habitat Agenda and also support the work of UN-Habitat as the UN’s foremost agency to promote the betterment of human settlements and urbanization worldwide.


We commend the outstanding programmes aimed at improving the lives of the urban poor. The slum upgrading facility and also the water and sanitation programmes being done by UN-Habitat all across the globe truly deserves our recognition.


Providing better access to affordable housing is also a challenge that many developing countries face. Indonesia calls on UN-Habitat to continue its work on the Experimental Reimbursable Seeding Operations (ERSO) as it is an innovative mechanism to provide better access to such basic human right.


Madam Chair,


To achieve the goal of providing adequate shelter and sustainable urban development, UN-Habitat must be able to deliver on its programs in an effective and timely manner. In order to do so, therefore UN-Habitat needs to strengthen its regional and national presence.


It is therefore imperative that we continue to support the role of UN-Habitat, including by strengthening its financial resource base. At the same time however, UN-Habitat should explore new ways to promote cooperation in sustainable urbanization, among others through the integration of South-South Cooperation in its program, as requested by the 22nd Governing Council in 2009 in its resolution.


UN-Habitat should also become a catalyst for regional efforts to achieve the Habitat Agenda. In light of this, we would like to extend our appreciation to UN-Habitat for their support to the successful outcome of the Third Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development which was held in Solo, Indonesia, last June.


We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Government of Brazil and UN-Habitat for having successfully convened the World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro in March 2010. The Forum has certainly gained more international appeal and has become a premier gathering of multiple stakeholders in the area of urban development.


Madam Chair,


Cities today face even greater challenges, with climate change, among others, posing an extreme threat to the livelihoods of the population, in particular the poor.


To conclude Madam Chair, I would like to congratulate Mr. Joan Clos, who has been recently appointed as the new Executive Director of UN Habitat. Be assured that Indonesia will continue to cooperate fully and work together with UN Habitat to advance the human settlement objectives. Let me also express Indonesia’s deep appreciation to Ms. Anna Tibaijuka for her untiring efforts during her tenure as Executive Director.


Thank you.


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