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Statement by

Kartika Handaruningrum

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia



on Agenda Item 60: “Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory including East Jerusalem and of the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan over their natural resources”

at the Second Committee of the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly


New York, 4 November 2010



Madame Chair,


Allow me to first of all thank the Secretary-General for his report on the agenda item before us.


This year, the global community affirmed to once and for all eliminate inequality at the MDGs Summit.


The Summit was a call for bold action and international cooperation on poverty, health, education, women’s and children’s rights, and the environment.


The Summit recognized the great strides all countries have taken to ensure opportunities for their people to fulfill their potentials, and contribute fully to the progress and prosperity of their societies.


As a result, real gains have been achieved by a majority of countries, including developing countries, within the last ten years.


These are gains that we all cherish dearly and want to maintain. Yet, under the threat of economic downturns, multiple linked crises, and climate change, these gains can easily evaporate.


What is equally calamitous is that a number of countries and territories in this day and age have yet to be able to enjoy the rewards of development due to direct result of foreign occupation.


Our meeting today Madame Chair, is held against a backdrop of continued suffering by the Palestinian people at the hands of foreign occupation in their territory.


The unreasonable torment on Palestinian civilians has been consistently confirmed in the Secretary-General’s reports in the past, and the one presented before us today.


The occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza strip continues to cause socio-economic hardships for the Palestinian people. It has limited their access over their natural resources. The consequences of which has limited their development prospect.


Moreover, the failure to extend the moratorium on settlement construction on the West Bank further delays the prospect of the Palestinian people to pursue a normal path of development.


Madame Chair,


The record shows that in the case of Palestine, the hardships continue to become larger by the year.


The Palestinians’ capacity to enjoy fully their right of development continues to be eroded by the building of the barrier; water and food insecurity; as well as mobility restrictions, and closure policies, including access to humanitarian assistance, among others.


We cannot ignore the fact that foreign occupation impedes national development plans.


For the Palestinians suffering from foreign occupation, our deliberations here would be meaningless if we cannot help them tackle the problems they face firsthand.


In this regard, the international community should act together to realize our leaders’ promise contained in the MDGs Summit outcome documents. We are called to take concerted actions. In conformity with international law. In solidarity to those under foreign occupation - to remove the obstacles that prevent the full realization of the rights of peoples living under foreign occupation,in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.


Madam Chair,


As part of Indonesia’s firm belief in the need for the establishment of a Palestinian State, we have made modest contributions such as projects that will train 1,000 Palestinians over a period of 2008 until 2013, in various fields.


We have also contributed to humanitarian relief to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, including a team of doctors and basic necessities for the Gaza strip. However this effort was met with resistance by Israel with an attack on a humanitarian flotilla.


We also believe that it is important to build bridges with countries and indeed with civil society to mobilize further action.


To conclude Madam Chair, a just, comprehensive, and lasting peace must prevail in the Middle East. This is our ultimate objective for the Palestinians and Israel.


Thank you.


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