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Mr. President,

Members of Executive Board of UNICEF,

Executive Director of UNICEF,

Distinguished delegates,


At outside, my delegation would like to extend its warmest congratulation to you, Mr. President, and other members of the Bureau upon your election. Let me assure you of my delegation continued support to the works of the Bureau toward a successful conclusion of the session.


My delegation would also like to thank Mr. Anthony Lake, the Executive Director of UNICEF for his remarks. I also wish to congratulate him for his able stewardship of UNICEF and for the progress has been made so far on many of UNICEF key focus areas throughout the world.


We take note with appreciation the Executive Director proposed initiatives to overcome the bottlenecks that hinder the implementation of equity approach on child related programme. We sincerely hope that these innovations in programme, products, processes and partnerships would complement and improve the existing strategies that have proven to deliver results on the ground.


Mr. President,


As we begin our First Regular Session of the UNICEF Executive Board in 2012, allow me to convey general of comments on some of the main topics of our discussion:


First, my delegation welcomes the incremental increase in the UNICEF annual income in 2009 and 2010. However the same report also expresses concern on the decline of UNICEF regular resources income since 2008. Despite the emergence of thematic funds as the best alternative to regular resource, my delegation sees the need to find a permanent solution to address the low proportion of regular resources within the total income.


Second, my delegation also supports the increased involvement of UNICEF in the South-South Cooperation with its significant results. Moreover, this positive development has been enhanced by the issuance of UNICEF approaches to South-South Cooperation: Programme Guidance Note. In light of UNICEF recognition to the potential role of South-south Cooperation and triangular cooperation, we urges UNICEF to explore further strategies to better implement the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) recommendation to allocate 0,5 percent of core budget resources for the promotion of South-South Cooperation.


And third, with regard to the road map toward UNICEF medium-term strategic plan (MTSP) for 2014 - 2017, we encourage the continued work by UNICEF to improve and refine this living document in line with the process of the 2012-2013 Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review (QCPR) of operational activities for development. Along with major intergovernmental conferences, the upcoming Rio +20 Conference on Sustainable Development will also be instrumental in further shaping the MTSP, particularly in the adjusting of role and contribution of UNICEF in the next phase of UN development framework.


My delegation would like to reemphasizes the importance of aligning the UNICEF strategic re-focus and re-positioning within the new MTSP with the deliberations on the post 2015 development framework. We have learned from the current phase of MDGs that while political commitment has remained strong, the global partnership has not operated as initially hope.


Finally, Mr. President, my delegation is looking forward to a more interactive discussion on the issues for the next couple of days. Allow me on behalf of the Government of Indonesia to thank UNICEF for its continued cooperation.


Thank you.

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