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Statement by

H.E. Mr. Hasan Kleib

Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia

To the United Nations


Agenda Item:

The Situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian Question




New York, 19 January 2011




Madame President,


Let me begin by congratulating Bosnia and Herzegovina for assuming the Council Presidency for this month, and extending the appreciation of my delegation to you and the members of the Council for convening this open debate of such an important issue.


My delegation joins others in congratulating the five new members of the Council: Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal and South Africa, and wishes them a very productive and successful tenure at the Council. We also like to express our sincere appreciation to the five Council members who just finished their term in the Council: Austria, Japan, Mexico, Turkey and Uganda for their important contribution to the works of the Council.


We wish to thank Under Secretary-General Lynn Pascoe for his briefing.


My delegation associates itself with the statement of the Non-Aligned Movement delivered earlier by the Representative of Egypt, and the statement of the Organization of Islamic Conference to be delivered by the Representative of Tajikistan.


Madame President,


The past few weeks, news emanating from the region is of grave concerns. The acceleration of settlement construction and expansion in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, epitomized this harrowing trend. This situation is even made worse by the latest military incursion conducted by Israel a few days ago.


The international community is much aware of the ultimate objective of these settlement polices and measures.They are clearly aimed at altering the demographic composition, physical character, and status of the occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.


Israel is violating international law and the UN Charter.


Madame President,


The Israeli illegal settlement undermines all efforts to restart peace talks between Palestine and Israel, jeopardizes the vision of two-State solution, and complicates the conflict in the region.


We therefore attach primary importance to the role of the Security Council in responding to the settlement issue as it did back in 1980, through its resolution 465.The Council must regain its role in solving this very important issue as mandated by the Charter.


It is in this context that Indonesia shall co-sponsor the draft resolution before this Council on the illegal Israeli settlement activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.


We hope that this new resolution will reverse the inactivity of the Security Council when it comes to matters related to the suffering of the Palestinian people.


The Security Council must and, indeed, can exert a positive influence on the Middle East peace process.


Madame President,


At this stage, however, it is hard to think of the victory of peace in the Middle East by a one time lofty solution.


We can always hope for an Oslo or Madrid or Annapolis type of efforts but at this moment we have to appreciate positive developments of any scale that keep the peace process in motion.


Thus, Indonesia supports the current surge in diplomacy aimed at re-launching negotiations and jumpstarting a comprehensive peace process, including the ongoing efforts of the United States.


We also recognize the role of the Quartet in the promotion of solutions to the conflict in the Middle East. And not least, we have been persistent in recognizing the contribution of countries in the region and the League of Arab States to the Middle East peace efforts, including through the Arab Peace Initiative.


It is our view that there is a need of alignment between peace process and peace settlement. One cannot envisage a peace settlement forced under the threat of gun barrel. It will merely produce a short-lived settlement if not hazardous one. One cannot also imagine a peace process that lacks the legitimacy conferred by the main parties and the international community.


Madame President,


The Middle East conflict has been for far too long tarnishing what our time could offer in creating a peaceful and livable region. The need to find a peaceful, just, lasting, and comprehensive settlement to the conflict is absolutely critical.


The Government of Indonesia is committed to helping achieve an end to this protracted and bitter conflict that has for far too long been wearing on the parties of the region.


Our commitment and support for the Palestinian cause is total and unwavering. Our commitment to an independent, viable and democratic Palestine—living side-by-side in peace and security with its neighbors, is absolute.


Let me conclude, Madame President, by expressing our fervent hope that I believe it is also shared by many of us here and outside this august room.


The Palestinian comprehensive plan was launched in August 2009 in preparation for independence within a 24-month period. We hope that the year of 2011 will be the year that will be marked by history as the victory of reason over fear; the victory of humanity over cruelty. To liberate and to bestow peace and prosperity to the people of Palestine. To see two countries living side-by-side charting a new phase in theirs bilateral relations.


The Security Council owed the international community and the two peoples such a desirable and dignified outcome.


Thank you, Madame President.


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