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H.E. Mr. Desra Percaya

Permanent Representative of the

Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations

At the

Security Council Open Debate

on the Agenda Item

The situation in the Middle East, including

the Palestinian Question


29 April 2014


Madame President

Let me begin by thanking you for convening this open debate.

I am also grateful to the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and Personal Representative of the Secretary General, Mr. Robert Serry, for his comprehensive briefing.

Indonesia associates itself with the statements delivered by the Representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Guinea, on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation respectively.

Madame President

The timing of this meeting is of the essence, in view of the critical fact that the nine months of peace negotiations between Palestine and Israel were scheduled to be concluded at this time.

It is a common knowledge, that Indonesia is an unceasing supporter of the Palestinian people and their quest for peace, through the realization of their dream of an independent State of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

In this regard, Indonesia is deeply distressed that last week, the Government of Israel decided to call off the ongoing negotiations.  They used as an excuse, the historic agreement among Palestinians to form a government of national unity.

Last year, the General Assembly designated 2014 as the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, with the objective of boosting international support of the right of Palestinians to self-determination. 

In that light, it must be evident to the international community, that Palestinian reconciliation is as much their inalienable right, as is that of self-determination.                   

Indonesia therefore takes this opportunity to congratulate the Palestinians upon reaching that historic agreement.  We strongly believe that Palestinians’ desire to unite, is a right to be encouraged.  As it guarantees that Palestinians can speak as one, and not with separate voices.

In other words, Madame President, the suggestion that Palestinians can enjoy a place at the negotiating table with Israel if they are divided, is only a trick aimed at justifying the unwillingness of Israel to continue negotiations. 

For years, Indonesia has called on Israel to halt policies that frustrate the prospects of peace. Those policies, and not Palestinian unity, are the real problems and challenges for negotiations.

Among those policies is the continued development of settlements. As was highlighted recently by the Israeli Bureau of Statistics, there was an astounding 123 per cent increase in settlement construction in the West Bank in 2012-2013. 

Like many other delegations, Indonesia has frequently asserted the illegality of settlement construction, and the danger it poses to negotiations. 

We have also frequently drawn the same attention to the importance for Israel to demonstrate good faith in the negotiation of the other core issues: the status of East Jerusalem, permanent borders, security, refugees, and water. 

To us and other members of the international community, these are far more intractable issues than Palestinians choosing to set aside their divisions.

Madame President,

Let us remember that for over 60 years, peace has eluded the Palestinian peoples through the Israeli occupation.  By deploying tools of intimidation and fear, Israel has established the great insecurity that it now seeks to perpetuate by choosing to abandon negotiations. 

We call on Israel to rethink that option, and to return to the negotiating table, which is the only door to peace.

We again call on Israel to withdraw without delay from the territories it has occupied since 1967, and to allow the realization of an independent State of Palestine as demanded by relevant resolutions of this Council, the Road Map of the Quartet, and the Arab Peace Initiative. 

Finally, Madame President, it is also our view that the international community must continue to assist Palestinians in the necessary preparation for their eventual statehood.  In that regard, Indonesia and Japan, last month,co-chaired the Second Conference on Cooperation among East Asian Countries for Palestinian Development. 

The East Asian nationsand international organizations which took part in that conference, re-committed themselves tothe development of Palestine,as well to asthe ongoing Middle East Peace Process,  through capacity building and reinvigorating the business environment in Palestine.

We encourage other nations to undertake similar initiatives. And for those that are already undertaking such measures, to step up their efforts. 

I thank you.

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