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H.E. Ambassador Desra Percaya

Permanent Representative

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations


Organizational Committee Peacebuilding Commission

Formal Meeting

(Draft Report of the PBC on its Seventh Session (PBC.OC.7/L.2) and the Election of the Chairperson)


New York, January 29, 2014


Mr. Chairman,

I would like to first congratulate you on your election as the Chairperson of the PBC for 2014, as well as Croatia as the Vice Chair, and Japan as the Chair of the Working Group on Lessons Learned. We would also like to congratulate the respective Chairs of the Country Specific Configurations, in particular Ambassador Mohammed Loulichki of Morocco as the new Chair for Central African Republic configuration.

We are confident that under the leadership of the new team, the work of the PBC will be enhanced further, and thus the PBC outcomes will be more targeted and beneficial for the people in countries emerging from conflict.

Indonesia wishes to commend particularly the work and leadership by the outgoing PBC Chair, Ambassador Vladimir Drobnjak of Croatia, who capably guided various discussions and consultations on the PBC agenda andemerging issues.

We also thank ASG Judy Cheng-Hopkins and her able team that have been very committed in supporting the Commission’s work.


Mr. Chairman,

Indonesia welcomes the formal adoption of the PBC report on its Seventh session, which also highlights the agreement on holding the PBC Annual Session in June 2014, back to back with the PBF Stakeholders Meeting.

As the facilitator of the PBC Annual Session’s modalities, Indonesia extendsits sincere appreciation to all Organizational Committee Members for their full support and constructive engagement during the informal consultations. We are also pleased that the agreed modalities are included in the annex to the report.

We would like to reiterate that the engagement between relevant stakeholders at the PBC Annual Session will be very important to maximizing the Commission’s effectiveness, particularly in strengthening its work on institution-building in countries on its agenda. It will indeed be the time to forge closer interaction and collaboration between New York, capitals and the field.

Moreover, the holding of the Annual Session alongside the PBF Annual Stakeholders Meeting will yield opportunities in enhancing relations and synergy among the PBC and the PBF.

This engagement would include strengthening of communication and coordination with the International Financial Institutions, wider UN system and regional actors.

Using its wealth of knowledge and experience, it will be an important occasion for the Commission to bring its political weight to engage the UN and non-UN partners on fulfilling the Commission’s mandates in the best possible way.

Indonesia, obviously, stands ready to support and contribute to the success of the 2014 Annual Session and the PBF Stakeholders Meeting.We are confident that with the support and active participation from all Members of the PBC, the first annual session of the PBC in June 2014 can provide very valuable and practical recommendations on the future work of the PBC.


Mr. Chairman,

With regard to the PBC’s approach reflected in its Seventh report, we want to underline the importance of continued sharing of lessons learned and good practices by the PBC from national experiences. We also believe that the entities in the peacebuilding architecture need to also advance discussion on how capacity-building can be expanded for the six agenda countries, under the UN civilian capacity initiative.

To conclude, Indonesia wishes to re-emphasize its commitment to supporting your work. We will continue our active engagement on the overall UN peacebuilding agenda.


I thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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