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H.E. Ambassador Desra Percaya

Permanent Representative


Joint Debate of the General Assembly

Report of the Security Council; Question of equitable

representation on and increase in the membership of the

Security Council and related matters


New York, 7 November 2013



Mr. President,

I thank you for convening this important annual debate on the two interconnected issues of Security Council’s report, and Security Council’s reform.

Allow me to associate my Delegation with the statement made by the distinguished Permanent Representative of Egypt on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement.

We also thank the distinguished Permanent Representative of China, as the current President of the Security Council, for presenting the Council’s annual report covering the period of 1 August 2012 to 31 July 2013.


Mr. President,

The Security Council is entrusted with the maintenance of international peace and security by the whole of the United Nations. Thereby, the Council has also the responsibility to inform all UN Member States of its deliberations, decisions and actions in a meaningful, open and transparent manner.

The Council’s annual report is a constructive effort towards that. However, in addition to useful information and chronology of events in the report, a more analytical report, providing the rationale behind the Council’s decisions as well as explanations when Council’s action was not possible, would have enhanced the understanding of the wider membership.

Indonesia sees the good efforts by the Council on making its meetings more accessible for the wider UN membership. We also appreciate the Council’s seriousness in diffusing numerous challenges to international peace and security.

Yet on certain issues, there is inaction from the Council, impinging gravely on regional and global peace as well as the norms set out in UN Charter, international law and humanitarian law.

In this regard, it is a matter of urgency that the question of Palestine be addressed fairly by the Council. It is our sincere hope that the Council can be on the right side of history to enable the realization of legitimate and inalienable rights as well as aspirations of the Palestinian people.

The conflict in Syria with continued bloodletting is another very serious situation, awaiting immediate action by the Council. Indonesia reiterates its call for an immediate cessation of all violence from all sides; for ensuring an impartial and effective aid delivery to those in urgent need, and promoting an inclusive political process that reflects the wishes of all Syrian people.


Mr. President,

As called by world leaders in the 2005 World Summit Outcome, the early reform of Security Council is an essential element of the overall UN reform effort so as to make the Council more broadly representative, efficient and transparent, thus enhancing its effectiveness and legitimacy in implementation of its decisions.

Indonesia fully supports collective efforts towards realizing this noble goal at the earliest. It is for this reason that we also find favor in the early convening of this annual debate today.

My delegation welcomes the reappointment of H.E. Ambassador Zahir Tanin as the Chair of the Intergovernmental Negotiations, and hopes that under his able stewardship, supported by political will of all countries, we will be able to make progress on vital issues in which convergence has so far eluded us.

Indonesia notes your decision, Mr. President, on inviting six distinguished Permanent Representatives to serve in an Advisory Group.

Although we see the rationale in the establishment of this group in the context of hopefully contributing positively to the process, it is crucial to ensure that the nature of Intergovernmental Negotiations, as a Member-States driven process, is respected and upheld. This also means that the principles of inclusivity, transparency and garnering widest possible acceptance are put at the forefront of any initiatives that may affect the course of negotiations.

Indonesia emphasizes that the voice of every State is equally important in all matters pertaining to Council reform. And it is necessary that all positions of the Member States and not just those of groupings are reflected in any basis for negotiations.


Mr. President,

Indonesia’s perspective on Council’s reform has been mentioned on numerous occasions. We underscore that to better reflect today’s realities, the Council needs to be more effective, accountable, democratic and representative of the world’s plurality.

In striving for reform, we must uphold the integrity of the consensus-based Decision 62/557 by ensuring that the reform will be comprehensive. Any approaches that address only selected issues out of the five key issues should be avoided.

We reiterate that the reform should be through consensus or at least by the greatest possible political acceptance that is well beyond two-third majority.

Although the 67th Session deliberations were essential, they did not bring us closer to convergence. There remain fundamental differences on membership categories, size, and veto.

In light of this fact, Indonesia deems it timely that Ambassador Tanin’s proposal to further discuss intermediate models, which might provide a middle way forward, be considered as well.

In closing, Mr. President, I would like to underline Indonesia’s commitment in continuing to work closely with all Member States in order to achieve tangible reform of the Council.


I thank you, Mr. President.

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