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Security Council Open Debate

on Agenda Item:
Women and Peace and Security
“Women, Rule of Law and Transitional Justice
in Conflict-Affected Situation”

18 October 2013


Mr. President,

I wish to express my appreciation to the Council for the opportunity of this important open debate on women, peace and security, with the theme of “Women, rule of law and transitional justice in conflict-affected situation.” Your well rounded concept paper is indeed very useful in providing us with the clear objectives of our debate on the issue.

Our gratitude also goes to the Secretary General,the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the Executive Director of UN Womenas well as the representative of NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security, whose remarksserve as agood basis for our focus at this meeting.

The theme of this meeting is indeed well chosen and timely, particularly as we continue advance the agenda to strengthen the role and engagement of women in peace processes.

The draft resolution adopted this morning is another clear reflection of the strong resolve of this august Council concerning the critical role of women in conflict prevention, conflict resolution, peacebuilding and peacekeeping.

We are particularly appreciative of the fact that the resolution provides a good reference on supporting the development and strengthening of the capacities of national institutions, in order to provide sustainable assistance to women and girls affected by armed conflict and post-conflict situations.

Mr. President,

The critical role of women in all stages of and throughout any peace process has been reaffirmed in various UN resolutions and documents. Not least of course in the 1325 UNSC resolution and its subsequent texts.

The recent Declaration adopted by the Peacebuilding Commission on women economic empowerment in peacebuilding, showcases yet another unyielding commitment from member states to support the participation of women in conflict prevention, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and post-conflict economic recovery.

The Declaration also reaffirms the primary responsibility of national authorities in identifying their priorities and strategies for post-conflict peacebuilding.

In this context, Indonesia wishes to emphasize the critical importance of sustaining political momentum behind ongoing peacebuilding processes, promoting gender equality and promoting as well as protecting the human rights of women.

We are fully convinced that the involvement of women in all aspects of society, unleashes a vast and dynamic pool of ideas, creativity, and skills which inspire the society to move on and gain prosperity.

Therefore, the promotion and protection of human rights for all, including women in conflict-affected countries, is evidently crucial. Furthermore, the ability of women to exercise their rights and responsibilities will define the successful transition to peace and stability, based on the rule of law.

Mr. President,

As stated in the Secretary-General’s Report on “Women’s Participation in Peacebuilding,” it is essential to improve the approach of the UN in combating sexual and gender-based violence, particularly through trainings for UN peacekeepers.

In the context of peacekeeping, the implementation of the Council’s Resolution 1325 and other related resolutions have paved the way for a gender perspective mechanism in UN Peacekeeping Operations. Increasing female peacekeepers on the ground would also be a positive step in support of resolution 1325. On our part, we are happy to point out that Indonesia has deployed female peacekeepers as military and police observers in several missions, including UNIFIL, UNAMID, UNMISS, and MINUSTAH.

Mr. President,

It is a matter of regret that reflecting the rule of law in conflict-situations continues to be a significant challenge for the international community.  In our view, this is a strong reason for peace negotiations that are inclusive, durable, sustainable and long-lasting, also including the participation and engagement of women in this regard.

We also believe that national reconciliation, as one tool of transitional justice, must benefit from the active participation of women.

Indonesia, in this regard, agrees with the call made by the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations in 2012, that lasting progress on security, national reconciliation, human rights, the rule of law and sustainable development needs to occur in parallel, given the interconnected nature of those challenges in countries emerging from conflict.

In this regard, any assistance from the UN including those undertaken through the UN Peacebuilding Commission must be carried out in a concerted manner and include a gender perspective.  In addition, it must also be in accordance with the principle of national ownerships, taking into account the unique and specific needs and situations present in each country.

Mr. President,

Indonesia is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring women’s participation at all levels of conflict prevention, conflict resolution and peace-building, and has been undertaking various measures at home to that effect, in close partnership with civil society, including women organizations.

Finally, Indonesia reiterates the importance for the international community to work in a concerted manner to improve women’s participation during all stages of peace processes, particularly in conflict resolution, post-conflict planning and peacebuilding, including by enhancing their engagement in political and economic decision-making at the early stages of recovery processes.

I thank you.

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