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Statement by
H.E. Dr. Desra Percaya
Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia
to the United Nations

At the 6th High Level Dialogue on Financing for Development
New York, 7
October 2013


Mr. President,

Let me begin by aligning Indonesia’s positions on this issue with the statement made by the Permanent Representative of Fiji on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.

Mr. President,

Since our last dialogue in 2011, persistent systemic problems of the global economy remain, with no certaintyin their resolution.

Nevertheless, reassuring signs of recovery are slowly emerging. Growth in some developed countries gives hope for a stable global recovery in the years to come.

However, emerging economies growth has weakened. Their financial contraction and slow down of growth alarmed all of us. Despite emerging economies’ resiliency in facing the 2008 crisis, their economic development foundation could not bear the burden of stabilizing the overall global economy.

Essentially this is because of certain obstacles in the global economy and financial market that affect emerging economies among others:

First, global financial volatility and economic crisis increases the number and vulnerability of the poor, weakening domestic growth;

Second, the lack of transparency in global economic governance makes it challenging to coordinate policies. Due to our interconnected and interdependent economies, intentions need to be communicated more clearly.

For these reasons, international cooperation, collaboration and coordination between developed and developing countries remain relevant.   

International cooperation infinancing for development is even more essential to support today's nascent global recovery. For the cooperation to be relevant and meaningful to our efforts, it should cover both aid and beyond aid agenda.

The cooperation should be built on the lessons learned from development practices, and honor existing commitments. The cooperation should also be based on a robust engagement rooted in good faith, mutual respect and accountability.

Mr. President,

With unresolved systemic problems and uncertainty in the global economy, a lot of hope is pinned on collaboration. It is imperative to go back and honor the spirit and principles of the Monterey Consensus, as underscored in the Doha Declaration on Financing for Development.

Most importantly there has to be a push for meaningful reform in the global financial architecture, provision of innovative financing, and realization of fair trade. Meeting all targets and commitments under the six pillars of the Monterrey Consensus in a balanced and complementary manner enables developing countries to sustain a cycle of prosperity. Thus, contributing to durable global economic stability.

Mr. President,

The successful completion of MDGs, and any global development agenda beyond 2015, depends on the implementation of our global commitment on Financing for Development.

In this connection, we strongly urge that through this dialogue, we can emphasize the need for having a Financing for Development Follow-up Conference, before we decide on the new development agenda after 2015.

This Conference is also important as a point of convergence for all processes related to financing for development, including for sustainable development, which will support the preparations for the means of implementation on the post-2015 development agenda.

Finally, with the recovery in advanced economies gaining momentum, we believe there is an ample window of opportunitytoenablea refreshed approach that wouldfurther take our agenda on Financing for Development to the next level.

I thank you.

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