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Statement by

Indonesian Delegation

For the General Debate of

the Operational Activities Segment of

the Substantive Session of the ECOSOC 2013

Geneva, 12 July 2013


Mr. President,

Indonesia aligns this statement with the statement made by Fiji on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.

Last year, the UN member states agreed to continue making systematic improvements to the operational activities of the UN system for development with the adoption of the quadrennial comprehensive policy review (QCPR). It gives the UN system the fundamental guidance and framework to strategically direct UN development operational activities for the next four years.

Indonesia takes note with appreciation all the follow up measures that have been taken by the entities in the UN system to implement the QCPR.

The ongoing formulation and consultations of the 2014-2017 Strategic Plans of the UN funds and programs serve as a significant test case for funds and programs and other relevant entities within the UN development system on how they would lay the strategic foundations for the implementation of the QCPR within each respective mandates and portfolios.

Inclusive participation and contributions of member states in the formulation and consultative process of the strategic plan of funds and programs play a very crucial role to ensure full implementation of the QCPR mandates by all relevant UN entities.

Indonesia appreciates in this regard, the funds and programs’consultative process with member states on their strategic plan drafts.


Mr. President,

Increasing as well as evolving development needs and challenges require states to constantly build and develop their capacities and capabilities so that they can achieve and sustain their development goals.

By the same token, entities of the UN development system must be able to demonstrate their effectiveness, efficiency and accountability in producing results and showing impacts on the ground in supporting member states’development efforts.

The QCPR has articulately captured those two important features of today’s global development landscape.

UN entities for development in this regard must mainstream sustainable development into all its frameworks at all levels and strengthen their modalities on capacity building and development to support member states’capacity building and strengthening for implementing and achieving sustainable development.

Within this highlight, Indonesia underlines the imperative of giving the highest priority to poverty eradication into all UN development system’s sustainable development frameworks at all levels, and most importantly at the operational level of each UN entity in member states’countries.

By mobilizing, reinforcing, and most importantly making inter-linkages between the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development, efforts to accelerate poverty eradication and prevent the reversibility of poverty can be achieved and yield results.

As funding remains a critical bedrock for the operational activities of the UN system for development, Indonesia would like to add voice to the need to further strengthen the core budgets of the UN development system. Donor countries and other countries in a position and capacity to do so should substantially increase their contribution to the core funding. Furthermore, efforts to finding a sustainable solution to address the imbalance between core and non-core resources need to be further accelerated.

The QCPR has set comprehensively all the strategic guidelines so that the UN development system remains relevant in the changing global development architecture and most importantly able to deliver results and create impact. It is therefore important that UN entities uphold all and remain within the mandates of the QCPR.

Evidence-based and effective monitoring and comprehensive evaluation mechanisms within the governing bodies of funds and programs, within ECOSOC and within the General Assembly are therefore important to ensure the implementation of the QCPR mandates by the UN entities for development.

I thank you, Mr. President.

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