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5 June, 2013


Mr. Chairman,

Let me first thank you for convening this important meeting, and commend you on your stewardship of the Organizational Committee.

Indonesia also appreciates the commitment and leadership by all Bureau Members, including the Chairs of Countries Configurations who have been working diligently to further enhance support by the PBC to its Agenda Countries.

Your efforts, Mr. Chairman, have been extremely important in taking forward the various vital agendas in the 2012 PBC Roadmap for actions.  In this respect, consultations with the joint Members of the PBC and three UN Principal Organs, and consultations at the working level on the Compendium of the PBC Working methods, are among the issues that have been visibly advanced.

We welcome in this regard, the Compendium of the PBC Working Methods, and associate ourselves with the statement earlier by the distinguished delegation of Tunisia on behalf of the NAM PBC Caucus.

My delegation has been working constructively in the consultations of those critical issues. We believe that through the strengthening of a meaningful dialogue with the Principal Organs, and ensuring implementation of the Working Methods, the Commission will be able to undertake its mandate with greater synergy and impact.

Mr. Chairman,

Regarding the issue of Annual Session, I sincerely thank you for your kind offer to my delegation to lead and facilitate the deliberations on the modalities of planning, organization and projected outcome of the Annual Session.  We are indeed honored to undertake this important task.

We are confident that with your and Member States’ vital support along with assistance by the PBSO, we will carry out deliberations on the various important elements of modalities of the Annual Session, and suggest a viable course forward before the PBC.  

Let me take this opportunity to also express my sincere thanks to all Members of the Organizational Committee for their important support to our proposal and their agreement on taking this proposal forward.

The holding of an Annual Session would enable the PBC to deepen participation from those most relevant to its work. The Session would lead to closer interaction and cohesiveness among all relevant stakeholders in New York, on the ground, as well as from respective Member States’ capitals.


Mr. Chairman,

Before closing, I wish to reiterate the importance of strengthening the Commission’s institutional tools for advancing an effective functioning of the Peacebuilding Commission.

I thank you.

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