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Intervention by

Diana ES Sutikno

First Secretary

“The Role and Responsibility of the General Assembly in the Selection and Appointment of the Secretary General and Other Executive Heads of the United Nations System”

At the Fourth Meeting

Ad Hoc Working Group on the Revitalization of the Work of the General Assembly

May 10, 2013


Mr. Chairman,


          Let me first thank you for convening this meeting on an important topic.

Indonesia wishes to stress the significance of the crucial role of the General Assembly in all aspects of the work of the various UN organs, including the selection and appointment of the UN Secretary-General, Heads of UN Agencies and Senior Officials in the Secretariat.

We align ourselves with the statement delivered earlier by the distinguished representative of Algeria, on behalf of the Non Aligned Movement.

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation wishes to reiterate its appreciation of your efforts in revising the updated inventory/chart of General Assembly resolutions on the revitalization of the work of the General Assembly issued pursuant to resolution 66/294 (rev.1), reflecting the status and progress of the implementation of all GA resolutions relating to the work of the AHWG, particularly under the cluster at hand.  

This important chart, as well as the report of the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU), contained in document JIU/REP/2009/8 on the selection and conditions of service of Executive Heads in the United Nations System, will continue to be a useful and significant basis for our consideration of the selection and appointment of the UN Secretary General and respective Executive Heads.

Under this particular cluster, there are at least six resolutions adopted by the General Assembly stressing the importance of this AHWG to consider how the role of the Assembly in this area can be furthered strengthened.

In this regard, in accordance with resolution A/60/286, particularly its paragraph 18, we wish to underscore that without prejudice to Article 97 of the UN Charter, the General Assembly should play a more meaningful role in the process of selection and appointment of UN Secretaries-General.

The same resolution also emphasizes the need for the process of selection of the Secretary General to be inclusive of all Member States and made more transparent and that, in the course of the identification and appointment of the best candidate for the post of Secretary-General, due regard should be given to regional rotation and gender equality.

We also support that the Assembly conducts timely hearings or meetings with candidates for the post of the UN Secretary-General. Sufficient time for interactions between Member States and candidates for this position will enhance the transparency and democratic nature of such important process.

Mr. Chairman,     

We wish to also underline that other UN Executive Heads and Senior Officials should be selected and appointed through a transparent process, which apart from candidates’ qualifications and competencies must fully take into account the principle of equitable regional and gender representation.

I would like to conclude, Mr. Chairman, by underscoring the critical importance for Member States to genuinely beef up efforts to implement the provisions of all relevant General Assembly resolutions pertaining to the role and authority of the General Assembly in this important process.

I thank you.

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