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H.E. Mr. Desra Percaya


Permanent Representative


Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia

to the United Nations



Eighth Round of Intergovernmental Negotiations on

Security Council reform



Informal Plenary of General Assembly



New York, 13 March 2012




Mr. Chairman,


May I begin by thanking you for convening this meeting.


We also thank the permanent representative of Jamaica who has presented the position on behalf of the L69 Group.


Indonesia has long stood for a comprehensive reform of the Security Council that makes the Council democratic, accountable, effective and representative of all regions and civilizations.


Indeed the lack of representation in Council’s composition vis-a-vis the reality of contemporary world is a fundamental shortcoming of the Council. And an expansion in both permanent and non-permanent categories offers the possibility of addressing it.


But as it is evident in the informal plenary and before in the Open Ended Working Group, there remain very clear divisions on expansion in both categories.


Legitimate arguments from all sides have been made repeatedly. But the lack of agreement on this critical issue has led to a gridlock, slowing the process for reform.


It is our view that the middle ground that could help to narrow differences on this issue and move things forward is the ‘intermediate approach’ with a clear ‘review’ occurring after 10 to 15 years of the entry into force of the interim model.


The consideration of candidates for permanent Council membership could be among the issues to be taken at the review stage.


There are numerous variants of the intermediate approach. As it was mentioned by several delegations at our last meeting, further exploration is required to evaluate the kind of intermediate approach that can be agreed by all.


Regarding the ‘geographic’ and ‘countries’ representation’, we believe that the twin aspects of ‘correcting the present significant imbalance of geographical representation’ and ‘increasing Council seats to correct under-representation of developing countries’ are crucial.


In this regard, we emphasise both regional and sub-regional representation. Asia and Africa should each be allocated at least four additional seats. Indonesia has presented its views on these aspects at the last meeting.


Regarding ‘Council working methods’, we concur on the need of comprehensive improvement in them, and stress the importance for the Council to become more open, accessible, transparent and efficient, particularly for the wider non-Council UN Member States.


In closing, Mr. Chairman, Indonesia underlines that in keeping with the Decision 62/557, the undertaking of Council’s reform must be comprehensive and tackling all five (5) key reform issues together. And the reform should be based on the widest possible agreement, greater than the two-third majority


We reiterate our commitment to constructively working with all Member States to helping achieve a comprehensive and meaningful reform of the Council.



Thank you.


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