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Diana Sutikno


First Secretary


At the First  Meeting of the Ad-Hoc Working Group

of the Revitalization of the Work of the General Assembly



New York, 2 April 2013



Mr. Chairman,


Allow me to begin by congratulating you on your appointment as the Facilitator of the Ad-Hoc Working Group on the revitalization of the work of the General Assembly at its 67th session. We are confident that under your stewardship, this session of the AHWG can yield fruitful outcome.


You can count on Indonesia’s steadfast support in the discharge of your mandate, and to back you in your open, transparent and pragmatic approach to that end.


Indonesia also expresses its appreciation to both Ambassadors Alexandra Lomaia and Susan Waffaa-Ogoo, the Co-Facilitators for their valuable work in steering the previous session.


We thank the President of the General Assembly, H.E. Vuc Jeremic, for his remarks, reiterating his strong commitment to the Assembly’s revitalization as well as the work of this ad-hoc working group.


Indonesia aligns itself with the statement delivered by distinguished delegation of Algeria, as our NAM Coordinator.


Mr. Chairman,


Much has been said on the importance of the AHWG to continue its work robustly, building upon the progress of its previous sessions. My delegation agrees that our working group should intensify its efforts in identifying further ways to strengthen the Assembly’s Charter role, including by marshalling greater political support in that regard.


We must all play our part actively in enhancing the role, authority and efficiency of the esteemed Assembly.


In that respect, the Inventory Chart, annexed to the AHWG’s annual reports has proven highly useful in identifying and monitoring progress. This chart should remain a key tool for monitoring the work.


We, therefore, welcome your work, Mr. Chairman, in updating the inventory chart with the assistance of the Secretariat. The updated chart would facilitate our discussion on the follow up to the implementation of the previous related resolutions, which my delegation fully subscribes to.


We would also like to thank the Secretary-General for his report (A/67/710) which is also a useful document of reference to our work here in the AHWG.


At this juncture, I would like to briefly touch on a few points, as follows:


First,Indonesia attaches high importance to the General Assembly’s role and scope, in keeping with the UN Charter, including in the realm of international peace and security. Along with the Security Council the Assembly has a vital role, and we believe that the Assembly can be more assertive in assuming this rightful role on issues of peace and security. We need to support the Assembly more on this.  


In this regard, my delegation would like to appeal all Member States, particularly those in the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, to work more to help find a solution that enables the C34 to resume its substantive work and conclude its 2013 report successfully.


We are sure that we can all do more to advance the work of the C34. And a call from this platform will be very important.


Second, we need to improve the working methods of all Main Committees and subsidiary committees of the General Assembly. For that we look forward to engaging with the Chairs of all Committees in the future meetings of the AHWG in current session, as appropriate. The fundamental principle for any reforms in the area of working methods is that they should assist the work of the Committees not hinder it. This also relates to the ongoing work by the C-34 to continue to its effort on improving its working method, collectively and in accordance with the General Assembly’s rule and procedure.


I would like to conclude, Mr. Chairman, by stressing that strengthening the role of the Assembly is fundamentally an exercise in displaying effective political to enable the Assembly to perform its Charter mandate.


Indonesia will continue to work with all delegations in this essential collective endeavor to reinforce the status and functions of the General Assembly.


I thank you.

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