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Delivered by

Mr. Andy Rachmianto

Minister Councellor


New York, 5-8 February2013




Mr. President,

Members of the Executive Board of UNICEF,

Executive Director of UNICEF,

Distinguished delegates,


First of all, on behalf of my delegation, please allow me to congratulate you, Mr. President, on your election to chair this session. Let me assure you of my delegation’s full support for the work of the Bureau so that the current session concludes successfully in accordance with the program of work.

My delegation would also like to extend our appreciation to Mr. Anthony Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF, for hiscomprehensive remarks, and for the Annual Report of UNICEF to ECOSOCas a useful basis for our discussion

Mr. President,

With regard to the programme and policy matter of UNICEF, Indonesia wishes to highlight some important issues for our delegation:

First,with the adoption of 2012 QCPR, Indonesia wishes that relevant principles and recommendations contained therein can be fully reflected and implemented by UNICEFactivities for the next term of its Strategic Plan.The formulation of the Strategic Plan of agencies should be a solid demonstration on how agencies within the UN Development Systemincorporate the principles of the QCPR and translate the mandates within the QCPR into their work in four years onwards.

Second, withthe deepening discussion of the post-2015 process, it is imperative that the issue of children and their protection will be well included into the process, to better reflect and safeguard the interest of children. Indonesia has a high hope that UNICEF will take a lead in ensuring the inclusion and sentrality of the issue of children and their protection into the Post 2015 development agenda. In this regards, the intertwined issue within the post-2015 process also something that have to take into account in the formulation of the next MTSP of UNICEF.

Third, with regard to the various challenges still faced by many developing countries in their  efforts to promote advocacy and protection of children’s rights. Indonesia highly appreciates the the collaboration and strategic partnership between the World Bank and UNICEF on various activities on the ground.  We thank Mr. Kim for his remarks this morning.

Withthe deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals is also fast approaching,Indonesia urges UNICEF to increase the synergy and connectivity of its work with other internationaland regional organizations, and also with other relevant frameworks, in addressing the uneven success among states in the efforts of child protection; in which one of them being the South South Cooperation.

We believe that South-South cooperation is much wider than financial and technical support;it is also serves as a broad consultative and collaborative process engaging all developing countries, aimed at improving collective economic, social and political capacity and welfareof developing countries.

Lastly, Indonesia welcomes the adoption of the decision of Integrated Budget on Cost Recovery in the just ended First Regular Session of the Executive Boards of UNDP, UNFPA andUNOPS. Indonesia recommends UNICEF to adopt a policy on the issue based on that decision, for we believe it would serve as a cross-cutting policy guidence to better balance the gap between core and non-core resources for all UN Agencies, including impact on programmes at regional and country level.

Mr. President,

Over the years Indonesia has been active in the partnership and cooperation with UNICEFin our effortsto advance the efforts in protection of children in Indonesia. With continued progress and improvement in mind, Indonesia wishes to offer its continued support for the work of UNICEF.

I thank you.

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