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Statement by

Mr. Andy Rachmianto, Minister Counsellor

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia


On Agenda Item 6: Programming Arrangement – UNDP Segment

First Regular Session 2013 of the Executive Board of UNDP, UNFPA & UNOPS


New York, 30 January 2013


Mr. President,

We all recognize that sufficient funding is vital for the UN Development System to effectively perform its mandate of promoting development around the globe.

Nevertheless, meeting sufficient funding requirements, particularly through the voluntary core resources, has been the major and lasting challenge for the United Nations Development System. Meanwhile, UNDP is expected to continue delivering results.

Furthermore, despite the tenacious funding challenges, UNDP is being called to respond better to the changing global development landscape and increasing development needs worldwide.

In this context, Indonesia highly appreciates UNDP’s efforts to meet the request of the Board and Member Countries on expanding options to strengthen funding, and increase its transparency and accountability, at the same time.

Indonesia further appreciates all the briefings and consultations held by the Secretariat to Member States in the last few months on programming arrangement. We are of the view that the programming arrangement holds a vital role for UNDP, in supporting the achievement of development results in programme countries.

With regards to UNDP’s proposed principles on its global strategic presence, especially for the Middle Income Countries passing the threshold of $6,660 per capita income, Indonesia further encourages the Organization to adopt a comprehensive analysis as the basis of their consideration. Along with a per capita income, there should also be a consideration on disparity and equities in economic growth and social development in the respective MICs. In our view, the inter-linkage between economic and social aspects of a country are integral factors in determining the overall assessment on the Organization’s physical presence.

Mr. President,

Indonesia would also like to bring to the Board’s attention the proposal on the establishment of the contingency fund within the programming arrangement framework.

We note that the proposed contingency fund is to enhance UNDP’s response to the diverse development challenges in programme countries.

Indonesia supports all efforts to maintain the relevance and increase the effectiveness, flexibility and responsiveness of UNDP in the changing global development landscape. However, if such efforts include pooling aside a certain amount of the already depleting core resources, it will be rather contradictory to the efforts for increasing efficiency in resources management. What we should be looking for is to increase the efficiency of resources allocation within the Organization’s programming arrangement framework.

It would be beneficial however to hear further on the validity and strong reasoning for such a proposal through an adequate and comprehensive elaboration on modalities, effectiveness, and accountability.

In this regard, Indonesia encourages UNDP to provide strong reasoning with compelling evidence in terms of substance and statistics on the need for the establishment of such a fund. It would be beneficial as well to learn more of the projected strategic value it adds to the operational activities, and the efforts of further increasing efficiency, transparency, and accountability within the programming arrangement framework.

Thank you, Mr. President. 

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