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Statement by

Mr. Hadi Martono
Delegation of the Republic of Indonesia

Before the 2008 United Nations
Pledging Conference for Development Activities 


New York, 10 November 2008



Mr. President,

Allow me to begin by congratulating you on your election as the President of this 2008 pledging conference. The conference’s importance in this extraordinary year of crises cannot be overemphasized.

In normal times, we point out how necessary international development cooperation is. But this year can hardly be regarded as normal by any standard, not with so many people at risk in one way or another.

The multiple challenges currently affecting the community of nations have strongly reminded us of the need for multilateralism. It is the spirit of multilateral cooperation and coordination that has been the key factor in shaping international responses to the present crisis.

Mr. President,

As a result of the current food crisis, millions of men, women and children have been put at increased risk of suffering from hunger and malnutrition. And even those who have access to adequate food supplies complain about the high costs to purchase it. However, swift remedial action by the international community appears to be gradually bringing this situation under control.

As the food crisis is being resolved, the international community still has to divide its attention in order to deal with other related crises.

Though the price of energy is now on a downward trend, for the better part of this year it was moving upward. The absence of the predictability of energy prices has brought many developing countries into difficulties that often adversely affect their capacities to achieve sustainable development. Energy’s uncontrollable rising cost made food more expensive because of its effect on transport. Climate change, with its long-term destructive capacity, made its own contribution to the crisis situation.

And while the international community is working out solutions to those challenges, it is also tasked with resolving the financial crisis that is threatening development globally. Again, multilateral action is turning crisis into opportunity as decisive steps are being taken to reform the global financial architecture.  

Mr. President,

This is the environment and atmosphere in which the 2008 Pledging Conference is taking place. The world is being faced by difficult challenges. But each one of it is being met with an appropriate and firm multilateral response.

As an instrument designed to promote multilateral action, there is every reason for Member States to contribute to the 2008 Pledging Conference. The development work of the United Nations depends entirely on the voluntary contributions of its membership.

Despite its limited resources, in a spirit of multilateral cooperation the Government of Indonesia is therefore pleased to announce its pledges for 2009.

The following contributions will be made to seven United Nations entities for 2009:  UNITAR – $10,000; INSTRAW – $20,000; UNCITRAL -- $20,000; UNFPA -- $35,000; UNDP -- $50,000; UNIFEM -- $50,000; and, UNICEF -- $100,000. Changing circumstances may dictate that additional contributions should be made to other United Nations agencies during the course of 2009.

It is Indonesia’s sincere hope that these contributions will help equip these various UN bodies to fulfill their development commitments during 2009. Despite present challenges facing the world, we urge all Member States to act collectively to meet the UN System at the various points of its needs.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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