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Statement by

Mr. Ade Petranto,
Counsellor of the Permanent Mission of the
Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations
New York

On Agenda Item 128:

Before the Fifth Committee
Sixty-second Session of the United Nations General Assembly


New York, 25 October 2007



Mr. Chairman,

As my delegation takes the floor for the first time, I would like to congratulate and warmly welcome you Mr. Chairman as you preside over our proceedings. Under your wise and experienced leadership, our deliberations will surely be fruitful.

I begin by expressing my sincere appreciation to the Secretary-General for presenting the proposed 2008-2009 programme budget to the Assembly. And I thank Mr. Rajat Saha, Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ), for introducing the report (A/62/7). I should not fail to welcome the Chairman of the Committee for Programme and Coordination (CPC).

Mr. Chairman,

With regard to the agenda item under discussion, Indonesia fully supports the statement by the distinguished delegation of Pakistan on behalf of the Group of 77 & China. My delegation’s statement aims to emphasize the views expressed by the Group.

For Indonesia, the budget is the key instrument to highlight the fundamental priorities of this Organization. The budget must therefore capture truthfully the vision, mission and spirit of the United Nations.

In order to ensure that is done, we must at all times acknowledge and truly appreciate the principal role of the General Assembly. This appreciation must extend to its relevant intergovernmental and expert bodies, operating within their respective mandates. The budget must present an accurate picture of all mandated activities along with the resources allocated to achieve them.

As stated by the Group of 77 & China, the regular budget document is not merely a financial and accounting tool to secure the core resources for the Organization. It is a comprehensive, positive statement of the strategic vision of the Secretary General, indicating the mandates bestowed upon him by the Member States and the policies formulated to achieve them.


Mr. Chairman,

One important aspect of the budget, often treated lightly, is the allocation for development activities. Development is one of the three main pillars on which the UN rests. Regrettably, the budget does not reflect this perspective. What it reveals is the fact that most development activities are funded from extra budgetary resources.

It is to be noted, with concern, that the approval procedures, reporting requirements and accountability mechanisms of the extra-budgetary resources often lack transparency. My delegation is also deeply concerned about the implementation of zero nominal real growth in the resource level of the budget. This strategy, which is fast becoming standard practice, has been adopted without General Assembly approval.

Mr. Chairman,

In relation to the procurement process, Indonesia shares the concern of many Member States about the limited procurement opportunities available to the developing countries. There is need for reform in this area. As part of the remedy, there must be consistent and transparent implementation of the relevant rules and regulations.

At this point, allow me to express my appreciation to the ACABQ for its report. Because of the significance of its work, ACABQ’s independence, impartiality and expertise in providing technical inputs on budgetary and administrative matters must be preserved. Likewise, the CPC’s budgetary, programming and evaluation roles must be respected.

Mr. Chairman,

Finally, I join other delegations in expressing the hope that our deliberations on the 2008-2009 programme budget will be open, transparent and inclusive. My delegation is prepared to work constructively with others for a better and strengthened United Nations.

Thank you.

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