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Ms. Diana Emilla Sari Sutikno

Indonesian Delegation


Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia

to the United Nations



Ad-Hoc Working Group

of the Revitalization of the Work of the General Assembly




New York, 27 March 2012






I would like to begin by congratulating you, Ambassador Alexander Lomaia and Ambassador Susan Waffaa-Ogoo of Gambia, on your respective appointment as Co-Facilitators of the Ad-Hoc Working Group on General Assembly’s revitalization, and thanking you for convening this first meeting of the Group in the present Assembly’s session.


You can count on Indonesia’s full support in the discharge of your mandate.


Before proceeding, I thank the President of General Assembly, H.E. Al- Naseer, for his remarks.


I would also like to add Indonesia’s voice in commending both Ambassador Gonzales of Saint Vincent and Grenadines, and Ambassador Cekuolis of Lithuania for their very valuable work in co-facilitating the Group (AHWG) during the 65th Session.


My delegation aligns itself with the statement by Algeria, as our NAM Coordinator.


It will be very important that the AHWG work vigorously to build upon the progress from its previous sessions. In that regard, we are convinced that the resolution A/65/153 along with its preceding resolutions should continue to serve as the main basis of the Group’s work.


While building on those resolutions and evaluating the status of their implementation, the Working Group should intensify efforts to identify further ways to enhance the role, authority, effectiveness and efficiency of the Assembly.


In that respect, the Inventory Chart, annexed to the AHWG annual reports, has proved highly useful, and it should remain as a key instrument in monitoring the progress.


Indonesia also thanks the Secretary-General for his report, A/66/730. While we are aware of the time constraint in preparing that report since the adoption of resolution 65/13, we are concerned that the Secretary General’s report provides limited updates pertaining to the method of work, documentation, agenda, and on the role and authority of the General Assembly.


 It is important that greater updates be made available in the Secretary General’s report, and we expect that the subsequent reports will be more detailed and comprehensive.




As the Working Group plans its work for this session, we support the call made by our NAM coordinator on drawing up a clear program of work. That will help us all to focus more systematically on the issues of Assembly’s revitalization with greater coherence and synergy.


Knowing the agenda of our meetings well ahead of time will enable us to also advance timely political action in other fora such as the Intergovernmental Plenary on Security Council reform that is examining some topics that are also considered by the AHWG.


            While fully subscribing to many of important issues raised by many other delegations, in particular on their strong affirmation to the General Assembly as the chief, deliberative, policy-making and most representative body as well as on underlining the importance for the selection and appointment of the Secretary-General to be made more transparent and inclusive of all member-States, allowing the effective and efficiency of the General Assembly, we would like to stress on the improvement in Working Methods of the General Assembly and its Main Committees.


 We hope that the Assembly Main Committees will discuss their working methods at the 66th session, and we look forward to constructively engaging on the matter with the Chairs of the Main Committees in the meetings of the AHWG in the present session.


We also welcome the efforts by the Assembly to broaden and deepen its cooperation with the civil society as well as national and regional parliaments, as also mentioned in the Secretary General’s report.


It is hoped that the Working Group will focus more on the ways to strengthen Assembly’s interaction and partnerships with these critical stakeholders in order to increase Assembly’s international effectiveness and awareness about its work.




Strengthening the role of the Assembly is fundamentally an exercise of demonstrating the political will in enabling the Assembly to performing its Charter mandate.  We must all rise to this challenge befittingly.


My delegation underlines Indonesia’s firm commitment to continuing to work with all delegations in this essential collective endeavor to reinforce the status and functions of the General Assembly.



I thank you, Co-Chairs.

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