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Statement by

H.E. Hasan Kleib
Deputy Permanent Representative
of the Republic of Indonesia
to the United Nations

on Agenda Item 6
“Means of Implementation”


New York, 20 April 2009


Mr. Chairman,

The year of 2007 is marked by the adoption of the Non Legally Binding Instrument called “Forest Instruments.” A new chapter of sustainable forest management worldwide. A strong political commitment was voiced to promote this crucial endeavor. However, expressions of commitment have to be translated into deeds. 

Mr. Chairman, all countries are facing challenges especially in this difficult time. Developed and developing countries. No country can claim immunity to this crisis. But, it should come as no surprise that developing countries are facing more difficulties and multi-faceted challenges.

However, although we are in the middle of these crises, we should continue to explore and develop an appropriate funding mechanism for all types of forest. Such a mechanism must ensure mobilization of new and additional resources, cover all types of forests; and all aspects of sustainable forest management.

In this context, the Secretary General’s report clarifies the inadequacy of the current forest financing architecture. It does not cover all types of forests in developing countries or all activities and measures in forest instruments.

Mr. Chairman, we need to remedy this unwarranted situation. The AHEG meeting in Vienna pointed out that there should either be a dedicated fund for sustainable forest management or a facilitative mechanism.  These options are not mutually exclusive; they are mutually reinforcing.

The dedicated fund will ensure the availability of new and additional resources that cover all types of forests and fill the gaps in terms of thematic and geographical coverage. A facilitative mechanism should enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and coordination of existing and emerging funding mechanisms for forests. It will help to reduce duplication.

Mr. Chairman, the current global financial crisis should not be used to justify inaction. The development of the financial architecture must continue. It has to meet funding needs for medium and long term implementation of the forest instrument.

On that basis, the Forum should aim at achieving a three fold objectives.

First. Maintaining the political will and commitment of all countries with respect to the critically important dedicative financial mechanism. Creation of a roadmap will ensure the realization of our goals and objectives.

Secondly. We must indeed be realistic and pragmatic, particularly in the midst of the current financial meltdown. It is our view that positive consideration should be given to a facilitative mechanism which catalyzes the implementation of the forest instrument under the auspices of the Forum. The creation of this mechanism will also require dedicated funding.

Thirdly. Existing financial mechanisms should be strengthened. This should be accompanied through the use of additional resources.

In conclusion, Mr. Chairman, Indonesia believes agreement on the financial mechanism will have rippling effects in enhancing confidence.  It can move the forest instrument from concept to reality. This will be a milestone achievement.
I thank you.

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