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Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is an honor for me to join you here today to launch this important report by the Millennium Campaign entitled “Climate Change and the MDGs”.


I especially would like to extend my gratitude to Salil Shetty, Director of the Millennium Campaign for his unfailing commitment to raise awareness on the Millennium Development Goals and to shed light on the progresses and challenges.


For the world, the Millennium Development Goals is the world’s blueprint for ending some of the world’s worst forms of poverty.


Close to a decade after the MDGs were launched, there has been progress. More children are surviving every year due to more widespread immunizations. We have more children enrolling in schools. People affected by AIDS are receiving more treatment.


Yet, we cannot ignore the fact that millions are still living under 1$ a day, living in unsanitary conditions. Over half a million women still die each year from treatable and preventable complications of pregnancy and childbirth.


While we should recognize the great strides to improve the human condition, we are still far from achieving the target we have set ourselves.


The multiple crises over the past years have further worsened development prospects. As if the situation was not bleak enough, the world’s climate pattern has been quietly but surely shifting.


The impact of climate change on development and lack of development investments may be the single most important factor that undermines many development strategies in particular poverty reduction strategies.


These risks must be understood and factored into development policies and strategies.


The report that we are launching today provides a useful analysis of those risks and links them to our efforts to achieve the MDGs.


The report has rightly underlined the importance of abandoning the traditional notion that climate change is an environmental issue.


We need to treat climate change as a cross cutting MDG issue impacting all the other MDGs in particular poverty reduction, child mortality, health, and environmental sustainability.


The series of recommendations in the report reinforce this perspective. And we the international community should take notice of them.



Ladies and Gentlemen,


At the national, level, to achieve balance objective between development and environmental protection, the Indonesian Government has formulated a 20 Years Indonesian Climate Change Sectoral Roadmap (20-ICCSR). The roadmap focuses on the energy sector, the sustainable management of forest and peat land in the mitigation side, while reducing the vulnerability of agriculture, water and coastal zones in the adaptation priority.


Last week, we launched The Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF). The fund is designed to assist the Government in addressing Indonesia’s emerging and immediate needs with respect to climate change. The ICCTF will not only pool and coordinate grant funding from development partners and other contributors, but also try to catalyze investment and other sources of funds, in order to bridge the gap between financial needs and national budget capacities.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


We have a little more than 5 years until our 2015 target.


At the same time, the climate negotiations under the UNFCCC are expected to come to a close at the end of the year that will usher in a new climate framework in 2012.


Copenhagenwill be a test case to our commitment to preserve our people and our planet. What should ultimately transpire in Copenhagen is a climate deal that is fair, equitable, effective, flexible and inclusive which strike a core balance between development and climate imperatives.


Indonesia, remain fully committed to ensuring a successful and ambitious conclusion in Copenhagen.


We must seize the opportunity to ensure that we reach both the MDGs and a climate deal for the sake of our future generations.


I thank you.

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