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Statement by

Mrs. Dewi Savitri Wahab

Minister Councellor 

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia

to the United Nations 

At the Organizational meeting of the

Sixteenth session of

High-level Committee on South South Cooperation

New York, 21 January 2010



Mr. President, 


I wish to join previous speakers in congratulating Kenya on being elected as the President of the High-level Committee on South-South Cooperation. Likewise, I should like to congratulate the members of the bureau on their appointment. Be assured that Indonesia stands ready to work closely with you and your team.  


We are all passing through a difficult period and it is no doubt a tremendous task being at the helm. Yet, we are fully confident that your presidency will effectively and constructively advance the agenda of South-South cooperation in the United Nations.


We know that we can count on you to lead the South in the coming year and reaffirm our spirit of solidarity for the betterment of all south countries. 


The South should spare no effort in ensuring the achievement of our desired objectives guided by our abiding commitment to share growth, further enhance national and collective self-reliance as well as strengthen multilateralism through North-South relations.


From years of efforts, we are finally seeing the fruits of our labor shown by the growing recognition for the South’s capacity to be one of the engines of growth for development.


And in spite of the desperate circumstances that have plagued our development, the South has demonstrated that it can rise to the challenges of its time to achieve tremendous growth and progress.


Nevertheless, South-South cooperation is not a substitute for, but rather a complement to, North-South cooperation. South-South cooperation will never be a replacement for North-South cooperation and this should always be reflected.


Mr. President,  


2009 was a tremendous year for south-south cooperation.


For the first time ever, a United Nations High Level Conference on South-South Cooperation was held last year.


A recurrent theme reflected during the meeting was that South-South development cooperation is seen as a “partnership among equals”. 


We reaffirmed that South-South cooperation differed from ODA as “a partnership among equals, based on solidarity”, and guided by the principles of respect for national sovereignty and ownership, free of any conditionality.


Through the Nairobi Outcome Document we can foster south driven initiatives to improve developing countries’ socio-economic situations, but also deepen solidarity and expand the exchange of ideas with neighbors and regional partners.


Now the world is starting to pay more attention to south south cooperation as well as triangular cooperation as one of the ways to achieve MDGs and sustainable development. We must be able to maintain this vital momentum.


Finally, on this important occasion, Mr. President, my delegation would like to express its deepest and sincere appreciation and congratulations to Ambassador Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser of Qatar, for his skilled leadership and hard work as President of the fifteenth session of the High Level Committee on South-South Cooperation.   


Through the leadership of Ambassador Al-Nasser South-South cooperation has advanced to another level and gained recognition from the world at large.


Thank you.

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