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H.E. Yusra Khan

Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia

to the United Nations


On the occasion of the handing over ceremony of the

Chairmanship of the Group 77 and China


New York, 11 January 2012 


Mr. Chairman,


I would like to take this opportunity to join previous speakers in wishing everyone the very best for 2012.


I would like to commend H.E. Ambassador Jorge Argüello and his team for their hard work. Their enthusiasm and determination in coordinating and guiding the Group has enhanced our negotiation capacity in the past year.  Under Argentina’s steadfast leadership the G77 have further strengthened its partnership and solidarity through constructive engagement. 


            As we applaud Argentina for their bold leadership over the past year, allow me to also take this opportunity to congratulate H.E.Mourad Benmehidiof Algeria for assuming the chairmanship for the year 2012. Indonesia is confident that under Algeria’s leadership, the G-77 and China will continue in unity to successfully address adversities, challenges as well as opportunities of the coming year.


Mr. Chairman,


            The signs are that 2012 promises to be another challenging and busy year for the Group of 77. Continuing uncertainty in global economic recovery, volatility of energy and food prices and the absent of a comprehensive solution to climate change are just a few of the challenges we face.

            In this regard, as we approach with Rio +20 this year, those challenges need to be address. And G-77 and China need to have meaningful contribution in order to make Rio +20 success in delivering meaningful and actionable outcome as a part of global solution in facing the current challenges.


            Addressing those challenges through a business-as-usual approach will not suffice. The G77 must take the lead and contribute concretely to resolving global challenges that pose great difficulties particularly for developing countries.  Our group must advance processes and negotiations, including through thinking outside the box and moving beyond long standing positions. Only in this way can we ensure the achievement of internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals, by developing countries.


            Furthermore, it is also important for the G77 to continue to strengthen all aspects of its mode of operation. The group must enhance its discipline, professionalism and management of its internal and external negotiations and processes. G77 positions must reflect the general interest and views of developing countries as a whole, and not merely voice the most assertive in the Group. This is central to strengthening Group solidarity.


            Finally, I would like to reiterate Indonesia’s commitment in working with members of the G-77 and China. The group’s solidarity has been one of the main strengths of the G-77 and China. Let me once again wish Algeria every success in assuming the chairmanship of the Group in advancing the diverse concerns and interests of developing countries.


I thank you.

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