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Statement by

Mrs. Dewi Savitri Wahab

Minister Counsellor

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia


at the General Statement –

Overview of the implementation of Agenda 21

new challenges and opportunities


New York, 3 May 2010


Mr. Chairman,


At the outset, allow me to congratulate you on your election as Chairman of this session. We are confident that your able stewardship will bring success to this session. I also extend my delegation’s congratulations to the other members of the Bureau.


I join other delegations in thanking the Secretary-General for the reports before us.


My delegation fully associates with the statement delivered by Permanent Representative of Yemen speaking on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.


Mr. Chairman,


This is a tumultuous, yet critical period for the international community. While we are still overcoming the challenges of a persistent multi-crisis; we still also have to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the next five years.


The MDGs, by their own virtue, are a testament of the international community’s commitment to sustainable development, for they are fundamentally a manifestation of the three pillars of sustainable development


In that sense, if the international community fails to reach the MDGs by 2015, then vital force would be lost for sustainable development in the long term.


For that reason, part of the task of this session in the coming days should be to give serious thought on how to create a stable path for sustainable development through the achievement of the MDGs.


Mr. Chairman,


In so far as international efforts on sustainable development are concerned, by no means has there been a shortage of effort. There has been remarkable progress at all levels. Yet, it would be futile to continue efforts, if we follow the current economic paradigm considering that it has not been able to produce equitable and inclusive growth, which is a necessary condition for sustainable development.


We are at a juncture where it is timely, and necessary, to introduce reform to bring about a balance between the three pillars of sustainable development. The reform should include commitments and initial efforts that would encourage departure from business as usual. Concepts such as the global green new deal have introduced some interesting parameters for reform. 


The 10 year framework on consumption and production, which will be one of the main considerations of this session along with the selected thematic clusters - transport, mining, waste management and chemicals also form an important element of reform.


At this session we could consider challenges and opportunities that would attract new investment oriented towards a green recovery; spurring a long term process of greening the global economy, by reconfiguring businesses and infrastructure to deliver better returns on natural, human and economic capital investments.   


Ultimately, we should look further into the transition towards an economic system that would be dominated by the production, exchange, distribution and consumption of environmentally friendly goods and services.


As for Indonesia, we recognize that forging a green economy is closely interlinked with efforts to promote sustainable consumption and production. The Government has prioritized sustainable development and promote a green economy through investment in rural area for sustainable agriculture and forest; as well as development of geothermal energy that is environmental friendly and could provide a solution to the overall challenge of energy security


Mr Chairman,


My delegation looks forward to the sessions that will take place in the days to come, including the many side events and partnership opportunities. We anticipate that this session will produce practical, action-oriented recommendations for the forthcoming CSD session that will initiate the necessary reforms in consumption and production patterns. We hope that this will provide the increase in momentum that is needed to successfully implement the goals of sustainable development at the national, regional and international levels, which should be integrated into the overall effort to combat poverty, including achieving the MDGs and beyond. 

Thank you.

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