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H.E. Hasan Kleib

Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia

At the High-Level Conference on the Central Emergency Response Fund

New York, 14 December 2010


Madame Under-Secretary-General,

Let me begin by joining previous speakers in thanking you for convening this year’s High Level Conference on the Central Emergency Response Fund.

I also wish to thank the President of the General Assembly, and the Secretary - General for their respective and important remarks.

It is indeed heartening to note the unwavering resolve to ensure the sustainability of CERF. Since 2006, countries, from both the developed and developing world, have pledged their support, and made contributions to the Fund to ensure that we have a stronger funding mechanism in dealing with the immediate impact of natural disasters, and other humanitarian crises, whenever and wherever it occurs.

My delegation is also pleased to learn of the important conclusions by the last CERF Advisory Group meeting in 2010. It is promising that the Fund continues to be managed effectively, with improvements made over the years. Likewise, we encourage the Emergency Relief Coordinator and the Fund secretariat to take necessary steps in ensuring the continuation of this positive trend.


Madame Under-Secretary-General,

We remain deeply concerned by the severe consequences of natural disasters this year that struck not only my own country, Indonesia, but also other parts of the world such as Pakistan and Haiti. At home, my government has been seized by the impact of landslides in Wasior, Papua; the tsunami in Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra; and volcano eruptions in Central Java.

Given the sheer number of natural disasters globally, it’s naturally expected that the Fund will continue to be an essential tool to support immediate emergency responses, in particular in large-scale natural disasters.

The Government of Indonesia remains fully committed to replenishing the CERF. We have informed the Secretariat that the Government of Indonesia is going to pledge, for the year 2011, the same level of voluntary contribution as in the previous year - that is in the sum of US$ 150,000. I am pleased to announce that the Government of Indonesia has just decided to increase our pledge by an additional US$ 25,000 that will bring our total contribution to the Fund, for the year 2011, to US$ 175,000.

Thank you.

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