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NEW YORK, 26 JULY 2012



Mr. Deputy Secretary General, H.E. Jan Eliasson,

Excellencies Permanent Representative/Ambassador


Ladies and Gentlemen,


First of all, I would like to extent our warm welcome to all of you to the Indonesia Mission.


It is indeed a great honor for me, to have you all here all this retreat.


We deliberately call it as “a retreat” because this event should give us some precious opportunity to withdraw from our daily and somewhat “crazy” busy schedule, in order to contemplate and hopefully get divine inspiration on our ultimate idea and vision for a post-2015 development agenda.


Today’s retreat is solely intended to serve that objective by providing agenda in this early stage of the process and deliberation.




After Rio +20, the development agenda beyond 2015 will be one of the most pressing issues that need to be addressed.  However, we definitely must not lose our sight and focus in the next three years to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) by 2015.


Lessons learned from the MDGs experience need to be taken into account so that we are clear on what needs to be done for development beyond 2015.


A post 2015 development framework also requires a comprehensive approach to reflect global commitment and implementation on sustainable development.


A post2015 development framework needs to incorporate our efforts to achieve sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth.  The framework should have a balanced approach between the environmental dimension and other dimensions on sustainable development namely the economic and social aspect.




In the effort to development a post 2015 development framework, there is an urgent need to observe and develop it carefully so that it recognizes and appreciates the difference between regions’ and countries’ development needs.  The deliberation should be relevant with the aspiration and situation on the ground.


Stressing on “what we need”, and not only “what we want” for the development beyond 2015, could be used as our “caveat” to bridge the different characteristics, priorities and development needs across countries and regions.  We should also find our and identify the development needs of the LDCs, SIDS, and LLDCs.


In this regard, any effort to develop goals of framework for post 2015 need to take into account the inputs, contributions, processes from both national and regional level, in order to make such goals or framework applicable and relevant.




To move the deliberation forward, the process should undoubtedly proceed in an open, inclusive and transparent approach in developing the goals or framework, Furthermore, to ensure inclusiveness and openness, a coordinated approach between the intergovernmental – UN system led and regional process is important.


We are pleased that the Rio+20 has launched the sustainable development goal (SDGS) process.  This process will contribute and enrich the development of a post-2015 development framework.


We are also delighted that SG’s initiative as mandated by MDG’s Summit 2010 has been revolving with the formation of the High Level Panel for Post 2015 development agenda, and UN Task Team.


The SDGs and post 2015 processes should be complementary and mutually reinforcing to support our global soul-searching for a post-2015 development agenda.




Based on that background, our discussion will be divided into two sessions.


In the first session, we will discuss the substance on how we build a solid post 2015 development agenda.  It is pertinent that the vision and shape of a Post-2015 development agenda should assist us to respond the global challenges of the 21st century with a view to ending poverty and building on the MDGs.


In the second session, we will discuss the process on how to ensure streamlined and mutually reinforcing processes that will facilitate our effort to achieve our ultimate objective to define the post 2015 development framework.  It is indeed vital to build momentum for a constructive dialogue on the Post -2015 Development Agenda.




I think I already spoken too long.  However before be begin, allow me to thank to you all for you presence.  I would also express my utmost gratitude for the presence of Mr. Deputy Secretary General,  the moderators, the resource persons and the discussants.


Without further due, now I would like to give the floor to Mr. Deputy Secretary General to deliver remarks.

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