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Delegation of Indonesia

Second regular session 2012


New York, 6 September 2012



Mr. President,


I would like to join others in thanking the Executive Director for his presentation on the midterm review of the UNOPS strategic plan. Indeed, with increasing calls for the UN system to effectively within the context of the changing global development architecture, the role of UNOPS in providing services for the UN system’s operations worldwide is a matter of growing importance.


The vital need for the timely and cost-effective delivery of services by the UN system in a global economy that is slowly regaining its strength cannot be over-emphasized. Even though our region plays an important role in the recovery of the global economy, it remains exposed to the still unfolding impact of the recent economic crisis.


The World Bank has in fact projected that growth in the Asia-Pacific regional will slow down from 8.3 percent in 2011 to 7.6 percent this year. The World Bank also estimates that developing countries collectively will grow by 5.3 percent this year, a decline from the 6.1 percent expansion last year.


To be able to go back to the pre-crisis trajectory, the region needs to rapidly boost its infrastructure development, further develop its connectivity and communication networks among the people. Drawing on the Rio momentum, the region needs to further mainstream sustainable infrastructure development.


We welcome UNOPS’ leading role in promoting and supporting sustainable infrastructure development particularly in developing countries. We support as well UNOPS’ efforts to further incorporate sustainability into all its services. Sustainable infrastructure development requires a sustainable procurement system.


In this regard, we encourage UNOPS to support developing countries, at their request, in establishing effective and sustainable procurement systems operating on principles of transparency in order to minimize the risk of inefficiency and ensure fair competition among all parties involved.


Mr. President,


Apart from operating sustainable procurement systems able to reduce the risk of corruption and collusion, support for UNOPS should lead to strengthening the capacity of local government and participating private sectors so that they can comply with accountable procurement regulations and practices. Recognizing the value of these efforts in strengthening local economies and capacities, UNOPS should continue toencourage its partners to build and nurture partnerships with local suppliers of goods and services.


In serving our region, UNOPS presence and partnership with regional countries should alwaysbe based on two key principles. All cooperation undertaken must be country-driven and based on national development priorities. And at all times, national ownership of the partnership must be acknowledged and respected.


In view of UNOPS mandate and core activities, there is a need for it to intensify its outreach to the governments, institutions and other local entities in developing countries to allow them to better understand the work of UNOPS beyond serving merely as the implementing partner agency for the UN system.


In anticipation of an increase in UNOPS’ portfolio, UNOPS should continue to its existing and potential partners in the developing world a firm commitment to increased transparency, especially in relation to the use of its financial resources and to the effective and efficient delivery of results in the field.


Thank you, Mr. President.

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