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Mr. President,
Members of Executive Board of UNICEF,
Executive Director of UNICEF,
Distinguished delegates,

First of all, on behalf of my delegation please allow me to thank you, Mr. President, for your hard work in chairing this session. Let me assure you of my delegation’s full support for the work of the Bureau so that we can successfully conclude the current session as planned.

My special words also go to Mr. Anthony Lake, the Executive Director of UNICEF, for his comprehensive remarks and to commend him and all UNICEF Staffs for the able stewardship. We remarkably commend on the progress that has been made so far on many of UNICEF’s key focus areas throughout the world, particularly in many collaborative areas and projects that have been developed for enhancing better condition of children in Indonesia.

Mr. President,

As we begin our Second Regular Session, allow me to make few comments on some of the main topics under discussion:

First, we welcome the reported implementation of the strategic framework for partnerships and collaborative relationships which highlights UNICEF’s commitment to partnerships with relevant actors through its priority approaches. We support UNICEF’s proactive approach in building partnerships and eagerly anticipate its proposed modifications to the system in order to enhance its effectiveness in delivering advocacy for children’s rights.

Second, we appreciates UNICEF’s medium-term strategic plan for 2012-2015, which was formulated with due consideration being given to the double dip global economic and financial crisis.  Indonesia positively considers the recommendation by UNICEF to utilize the cash balance accumulated and to engage in cost reduction and value maximizing as alternatives to slashing funds for programmes. We further commend efforts made by UNICEF to garner private funds which resulted in $50.7 million in excess of the total planned target being raised.  

Third, with the deepening discussion on the integrated budget among the three sister agencies of UNDP-UNFPA-UNICEF, Indonesia welcomes the roadmap on integrated budgeting which embodies guiding principles within the context of the development of strategic plans and serves as the conceptual framework guiding the development of the integrated budget.

Fourth, we share the view of the Executive Director that South-South cooperation is key in building, not only national but also local resilience, particularly to respond to emergency humanitarian situation caused by natural disasters. As a country prone to disasters, Indonesia will continue its commitment and efforts to promote South-South and triangular cooperation within the context of implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action on Disaster Risk Reduction.  

In relations to this, Indonesia in collaboration with UN-ISDR, will host the 5th Asian Ministerial Conference on DRR in October this year, which will focus on strengthening local capacity to build resilience to natural disasters.

Finally, commenting on the presentation by the panelists, as part of our efforts to enhance better preparedness and response to disasters, Indonesia in collaboration with Humanitarian Country Team, last year, endorsed a new initiative called the Inter-Clusters Preparedness Package (ICPP). With this initiative, it allows humanitarian stakeholders to work together in understanding their capacities and limitations, and thus commonly prepare to provide effective responses through ten different clusters.

As UNICEF is part of this new initiative, we are very much appreciated on the leading role of UNICEF in developing some of the clusters, such as education, food and nutrition, child protection as well as water and sanitation.

Mr. President,

While we commend the work of the Secretariat of UNICEF, we believe that there will always be room for improvement. In this regard, we would like to underline the importance of continued involvement from the Secretariat at all time, including in joint sessions with its sister agencies.
My delegation is looking forward to a more interactive discussion on the issues under agenda of this session in the next few days.

Thank you.

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