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NEW YORK, 24-25 January 2012


Mr. President,


Since I’m taking the floor for the first time, let me begin by joining other delegations who have spoken before me in congratulating you on your election as the President of this important body. As the first male President of the Executive Board of UN Women, it is indeed reflect that gender equality is being implemented in the UN system.


My felicitation also goes to the Vice-Presidents on their respective elections as members of the Bureau. At the same time, we would also like to thank Madame Bachelet, for her comprehensive briefing this morning regarding the operational activities of UN-Women.


After focusing much of our efforts last year on the financial management and the Strategic Plan, today’s discussion on the operational activities is timely indeed. It is mostly through its activities on the field, that UN-Women will be held accountable. It is very important for UN Women to continue improving the quality of its programme on delivery, results and impact.


Mr. President,


We commend UN-Women’s efforts that has been done in Indonesia so far, which include capacity building efforts in the areas of National Planning and Budgeting, Ending Violence against women, as well as Leadership and participation.


For example, on national planning and budgeting, 5 out of 34 ministries have included more gender responsive in their budgeting processes. On ending violence against women, with former UNIFEM’s support, we managed to conclude our Law on Domestic Violence and to strengthen our systematic efforts to protect women migrant workers.


Concerning women’s role in peace and security, I would like to slightly clarify the remark by the Madame Bachelet this morning when she mentioned that Indonesia is one of the countries that has finalized a national action plan on resolution 1325. Actually, the draft national action plan has not yet been finalized. It is still being discussed with the relevant ministries with the participation of women organizations and civil society organizations. However, we acknowledge the support of UN Women in the process of finalizing the national action plan. 


We took note that the aforementioned range of activities is complementary to Indonesia’s national commitment and priority in gender equality and women empowerment. In this connection, we urge UN-Women to develop further the existing and incoming program and activities, in line with the Development Result Framework (DRF), as set out in the current UN Women Strategic Plan 2011-2013.


In the coming years, we encourage UN-Women to continue adjusting its programs and contributions in Indonesia, in line with the transformation of Indonesia’s status as a middle income country. Thus, its activities in Indonesia should focus on high quality Programs and scale-up activities aimed to increase capacity in the planning and management of its own national programs.


Indonesia would also welcome a partnership with UN Women to identify best practices and lessons learned; as well as encourage their duplication across sub-national levels, in the context of developing policies, partnerships, and advocacy on programs related to gender equality, and women empowerment



Mr. President,


With regard to the operational activities report, allow me to emphasize the following points:


1.        First, we welcome the UN Women’s comprehensive resource mobilization strategy to deepen and broaden the donor base. As part of our continued support to this strategy, Indonesia has increased its contribution to the core resources of this important body for 2012 as we stated at the pledging conference in December last year. Along this line we also urge UN Women to ensure that proper allotment of regular budget and voluntary contributions related to operational activities be established in accordance to GA resolution 64/289.


2.        Second, we urge UN Women to continue to improve its role and contribution at the country level. We encourage UN-Women to start developing the comprehensive assessment of the overall capacity of UN Country teams, in responses to demands for support to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment at national level. At the same time, indicators should be created to measure UN-Women contributions within overall UN efforts in national development results.


3.        Third, we believe that the outcomes of ongoing field capacity assessment and reviews on regional architecture should be an integral part on the work to strengthen operational activities. The regional architecture review is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2012. We are of the view that any proposal on regional architecture should also include an impact assessment toward the efforts to strengthen operational activities at regional, and country level. 


Finally, Mr. President, we look forward the continued cooperation between UN-Women and Indonesia in the year to come.


Thank you

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