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Statement by

H.E. Mr. Hasan Kleib
Charge d’ Affaires ad interim
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia
to the United Nations

 Agenda item: 64 - Report of the Human Rights Council

General Assembly

New York, 4 November 2009



Mr. President,


Let me begin by extending the appreciation of my delegation to you for convening this pertinent and timely meeting of such an important subject.


We also thank the President of the Human Rights Council for having expeditiously brought the outcome of the 12th Special Session of the Council to the attention of the General Assembly, as required by the recently adopted resolution S-12/1, to which Indonesia lent its wholehearted support.  We also express our appreciation for the unwavering commitment of Justice Richard Goldstone and his team to shed truth.


My delegation also wishes to associates itself with the statement delivered by representative of Egypt on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement.


Mr. President,


We remain profoundly distressed by the depth of the human rights and humanitarian crisis that continue to persist in the Gaza Strip.  A crisis, which challenges our pledge for upholding values of humanity if we continue to fail the Palestinian people.


For too long, civilians in Gaza have been suffering.  Far too low, our efforts to come to their rescue in times of danger.  


The illegal blockade and the closure of the Gaza crossings by Israeli authorities still persist. Israel’s extensive economic blockade and restriction of movement not only weakened the Palestinians, but inflicted long-term damage to them. Not least, it is having damaging consequence in further sowing seeds of animosity and in further propelling the cycle of violence in the region.


There is no single doubt that the Israeli military operations in Gaza from 27 December 2008 until 18 January 2009 worsen the already dire humanitarian situation therein.


In this regard, Indonesia appreciates the thorough, analytical, and comprehensive report of the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict. The report not only accurately captures what actually transpired during the military campaign; but also unleashed many disturbing stories of atrocities.


We, the international community, must not ignore this. We must embrace this report.


It is based on these solid facts that Indonesia is gravely concerned and dismayed over the findings of the investigation. We are in full agreement with the observation of the report.


The Israeli offensive was a deliberate assault aimed at punishing, humiliating and terrorizing a civilian population, and radically diminishing its local economic capacity.  The effect is to force upon them an ever-increasing sense of dependency and vulnerability. An excessive and disproportionate use of force, and a policy of collective punishment intentionally inflicted on the people of Gaza Strip.


This is plainly a policy of humiliation at its best.


We; as a nation that emerges from the ashes of colonialism; exactly know that humiliation can never be a source of strength. This policy will only makes any oppressed society to grow stronger and prevail over the oppressor. Israel should and must learn from history.


Yet, there is no guarantee this policy will not be utilized again in the future by Israel.


Israelhas committed a variety of crimes. To name a few, war crimes, and violations of international law and international humanitarian law, as well as the Fourth Geneva Convention


In this context, my delegation would like to reaffirm, in the clearest manner possible, its outrage and strong condemnation of the military onslaught by Israel in the Gaza Strip. 


Mr. President,


We therefore commend the UN Fact Finding Mission for their recommendations. As such, we urge all parties concerned to pay its utmost attention to the conclusions and to follow up accordingly those recommendations. 


Today offers the opportunity for the wider membership of the United Nations to express its views on the grave situation in the Gaza Strip.


Many countries will passionately support the report as it is. Other might question some parts of the report. This is the United Nations where issues are incessantly debated. But, that should never be an excuse to seek justice for the Palestinian people.


Let us not make it yet another missed opportunity.


It is high time for the General Assembly to consider the substance and the recommendations of the report of the UN Fact Finding Mission, and take a decision on the way forward.


Mr. President,


The conflict in the Middle East has indeed been ensuing for far too long. For sixty years, the Israeli illegal occupation has made the region a theater of tension and violence.


On the Palestinian part, the nation has been facing hardship and surviving without a state. On the Israeli-Palestinian track alone, the core issues—the status of East Jerusalem, the borders of a Palestinian state, settlements in the West Bank, Palestinian refugees, security, and water resources- remain unresolved.


For many years, Indonesia has joined the international community to drawn attention to the consequences of Israeli continued illegal activity in Arab occupied territories. Israel should cease its continuous policy to play a game of deaf.


Too many years have passed; too many lives have been lost. And, too many dreams have been shattered.


Finally,Mr. President, there is perhaps no international issue more important to Indonesia, and closer to our hearts, than the effort to find a peaceful, just, lasting, and comprehensive settlement for any protracted conflict be in Asia or elsewhere. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict draws our attention and compassion.


To bring to an end the illegal occupation that began in 1967.


We have, therefore, consistently supported efforts to achieve such a settlement based on all relevant Security Council resolutions, including resolutions 242 (1967), 338 (1973), 1397 (2002) and 1515 (2003).


Our commitment to an independent, viable and democratic Palestine—living side-by-side in peace and security with its neighbours—is absolute.


It will be a tragedy—for the Palestinians, the Israelis, other nations in the region, and all humankind—if peace in the region is persistently rejected.


I thank you, Mr. President.


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