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H.E. Ambassador Hasan Kleib

Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia

to the United Nations

Agenda item 63:

Report of the Human Rights Council


New York, 3 November  2010


Mr. President,

First of all, allow me to express my appreciation to the Human Rights Council for its reports to the General Assembly.

Judging from the impressive volume of the reports, as well as the many important themes covered, my delegation is truly grateful for the Council’s tireless efforts to further promote and protect human rights at the global level.

I wish also to congratulate and welcome the new President of the Human Rights Council, Ambassador Sihasak Phuangketkeow. My delegation underscores its support and commitment to his forthcoming endeavors to further the causes of the Council.

Let me also reiterate Indonesia’s firm commitment to continuously enhance the credibility of the Council in promoting and protecting human rights through genuine dialogue and cooperation. 


Mr. President,

In June 2011, the Human Rights Council will have ended its fifth cycle, and according to UN General Assembly Resolution 60/251, a review of status, work and functioning is to be done.

Indonesia is engaging constructively with the review process currently underway in Geneva, and encourages a productive and frank discussion within the auspices of the Intergovernmental Working Group on the Council Review.  For its part, Indonesia has contributed to the deliberation on various issues during the first meeting of the Working Group in Geneva last week.

We wish to emphasize that in accordance with resolution 60/251, the review of the status of the Council is to be done by the General Assembly while the review of the work and functioning of it is to be carried out by the Council in Geneva.


However, this should not mean that the process is mutually exclusive; on the contrary, we should ensure that the process is interrelated. Indonesia believes that both reviews should contribute to the enhancement of the profile and centrality of the HRC as well as the promotion and protection of human rights.

Indonesia continues to be a committed participant and steadfast supporter of the work of the Council and attaches great importance to this review of its current working practices and mechanisms.  It is imperative that the Council is able to fulfill its mandate in all aspects.


Mr. President,

It is undeniable that the Council, in comparison with its predecessor, has made significant progress. The comfort level of countries to engage with the Council has clearly increased.

One reason for this positive development is the innovative Universal Periodic Review mechanism, which enters its ninth session this month.

The dialogue around each country’s UPR has set an example of how States can cooperate and engage constructively with one another, avoiding the politicization of issues as well as the unproductive naming and shaming of one other. 

It is Indonesia’s hope that this mechanism will be maintained, and made more efficient in the future.

With regard to the work and mandate of the Special Procedures, Indonesia strongly believes that Special Procedure Mandate Holders should maintain their professionalism in fulfilling their mandates, through compliance with the code of conduct and by building mutual trust and closer cooperation with the States. 


Indonesia fully respects the independence of the Special Procedures Mandate Holders when they are conducting their work in line with Resolution 5/2.  However, we also wish to draw attention to Article 4, paragraph 3 of the Resolution, which stipulates the necessity for national legislation to be respected and upheld at all times.

In the course of its work, the Council has also demonstrated its responsiveness in tackling issues of concern among countries.

One stellar example of this was the immediate convening of an urgent debate and subsequently the adoption of a resolution on the attacks by Israeli forces upon a humanitarian flotilla in international waters, in June 2010.

Finally, Mr. President, I would like to reiterate our hope that the Council will become the main forum in which genuine dialogue and cooperation in the field of human rights is undertaken.

I am convinced that through our efforts here as well as in Geneva, we can devise ways to reach that goal. I hope that the review process will strengthen the work of the Council. 


I thank you

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