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Statement by
Mr. Jehezkiel S. George Lantu
First Secretary

Before the Plenary of the 5th Committee
Program Budget for the Biennium 2004 - 2005

Estimates in Respect of Special Political Missions,
Good Offices and Other Political Initiatives Authorized by
the General Assembly and / or the Security Council:
United Nations Office in Timor-Leste

New York, 21 November 2005


Mr. Chairman,

My delegation would like to welcome the Secretary General’s report on the estimates budget for the special political mission in Timor Leste, UNOTIL introduced by Mr. Warren Sach, the Controller. My delegation would also like to express its sincere appreciation to Acting Chairman of the ACABQ, Mr Rajat Saha for introducing the ACABQ’s detailed report to the Fifth Committee.

The ACABQ report, in particular, has provided us with very helpful insights about the budget for UNOTIL. Indonesia shares the concerns raised by the ACABQ and we can support most of their recommendations about the budget presentation which is not well structured.

Indonesia agrees with the ACABQ report that the right linkages should have been made in the results-based budget presentation to connect UNOTIL, as a follow-on mission, to UNMISET and to clarify the relationship between UNOTIL and its other implementing partners as they work towards a sustainable development framework.

Moreover, the logical framework to justify proposed expenditures for targeted outputs appears inadequate. The budget presentation should have contained more quantitative data. Without such data, the relevance and value of those targets become meaningless. In addition, the absence of such information makes it difficult to measure the progress being made.

In relation to the report of the Secretariat, while Indonesia welcomes its availability we deeply regret that the time to analyze its contents was so very short, concise though those contents may be.

Indonesia fully recognizes the important work being done by the mission in Timor-Leste. The process to consolidate emerging institutions in Timor-Leste must be continued and further assistance must be provided to ensure the country’s sustained development. Clearly, there are costs attached to the provision of such support.

As part of the process of assisting Timor-Leste through UNOTIL, Indonesia has taken note of proposed changes to the mission’s staff. Some professional upgrades have been suggested. We are particularly concerned that these changes do not impact the size of the local or national staff attached to the mission. Indonesia believes more nationals should be used to satisfy the needs of the mission, given the commitment to capacity building in Timor-Leste.

The ACABQ report has also made some useful observations about these proposed staff changes. Rather than add new senior-level staff, perhaps it would indeed be useful for UNOTIL to rearrange its organizational structure in order to meet its human resources needs. Roles and responsibilities may also benefit from further clarification. In addition, given the reduced size of the mission it may not be necessary to upgrade the position of the Chief Administrative Officer.


Mr. Chairman,

Indonesia looks forward to a constructive discussion on the issues in the informal meeting. We wish to stress, once again, that we are firm supporters of UINOTIL and are fully prepared to assist Timor Leste by ensuring its sustained development through increased capacity-building activities there. Indonesia will therefore cooperate in anyway necessary to ensure the successful completion of UNOTIL’s mandate.

I thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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