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Statement by
H.E. Dr. R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of
the Republic of Indonesia
to the United Nations

at the Open Debate of the Security Council
on the Agenda Item:
“The Situation in the Middle East, including
the Question of Palestine”

New York, 27 July 2009


Mr. President,

Let me first express the appreciation of my delegation to you for convening this open debate on the situation in the Middle East, including the question of Palestine. We wish also to thank Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Mr. Oscar Fernandez Taranco, for his briefing on the latest developments in the region.

In making this statement, Indonesia associates itself with the statement delivered by the Permanent Representative of Egypt, on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Mr. President,

The Council’s debate today provides yet another vivid reminder of the continuing hardships prevalent in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and, not least, the paucity of progress in the implementation of the relevant Security Council resolutions on the issue.

Like others, Indonesia remains profoundly concerned by the depth of the humanitarian crisis that continues to permeate the Gaza Strip following the Israeli attack of December 2008 and January 2009.

While the worst of the military action may have stopped, the flow of food, medicines and reconstruction material allowed into Gaza remained grossly inadequate.

Mr. President, the international community cannot allow such situation to continue.

It must continue to speak as one in demanding that Israel open the border crossings to Gaza in order to allow reconstruction efforts and much needed humanitarian supplies to ease the humanitarian crisis.

Mr. President,

The litany of Israeli illegal practices is well chronicled.

Few, however, is as great an affront to the prospects of peace, and a hurdle to the peace process as its illegal settlement practices.

Israel continues to build and expand illegal settlements, in the process demolishing Palestinian homes and other structures, confiscating lands, and imposing checkpoints that arbitrarily restrict the movement of Palestinians.

Despite the repeated protests of the international community, Israel persists in its efforts to change the character and legal status of East Jerusalem.

Indonesia, once again, condemns these settlement policies which gravely undermine the contiguity, integrity, viability and unity of the Occupied Palestinian Territory and jeopardize the prospects for achieving the two-State solution for peace on the basis of the pre-1967 borders with the establishment of the sovereign, independent State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital.

While Israel persists in its illegal settlement activities, Indonesia is encouraged by the ever strengthening international consensus in their rejection and in demanding an immediate halt and dismantling of such settlements.

Indeed, Mr. President, while Israel remains impervious to the international exhortation to live up to its commitment to a two-state solution to the conflict, Indonesia draws encouragement from a number of recent significant developments.

First, the renewed sense of urgency in the inter-Palestinian reconciliation talks, facilitated by the Government of Egypt.

We wish to underscore the importance of achieving progress in these efforts aimed at promoting Palestinian unity.

Second, the practical demonstration of the commitment of the international community to the cause of peace in Palestine, through pledges of material assistance, as evidenced at the at the International Conference on the Palestinian Economy and Gaza Reconstruction, held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on 2 March 2009.

Third, the stepping up of diplomatic activity with the objective of restarting negotiations.

In this regard, we acknowledge in particular the vigorous efforts being exerted by the United States and also the continued engagement of the Quartet.

Indonesia for its part remains consistent in calling for a settlement based on all relevant Security Council resolutions, the Madrid terms of reference, and the Arab Peace Initiative.

Our support of statehood for Palestine is steadfast. Statehood, we wish to emphasize, Mr. President, with all its attributes.

Mr. President,

A truly comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East requires a solution to the question of Palestine, but also progress on the Israel-Lebanon and Israel-Syria tracks.

In this connection, we continue to demand Israel to comply with relevant Security Council Resolutions and withdraw fully from the occupied Syrian Golan to the line of 4 June 1967.

Similarly, we continue to be concerned by Israel’s ongoing air and land violations of Lebanon’s sovereignty, in breach of resolution 1701, and call on Israel to withdraw completely from the remaining Lebanese occupied land.

I thank you.

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RI Kutuk Keras Serangan Brutal Israel di Gaza

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