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Statement by

H. E. Mrs. Adiyatwidi Adiwoso Asmady,
Ambassador/Deputy Permanent Representative
of the Republic of Indonesia
to the United Nations in New York

Before the 2007 United Nations
Pledging Conference for Development Activities


New York, 12 November 2007


Mr. President,

As I begin, let me express my delegation’s sincere congratulations to you on your election as the President of the Conference. Under your leadership, my delegation anticipates a successful outcome to this pledging exercise.

Mr. President,
This is an annual undertaking that has become increasingly significant as we move past the midpoint for achievement of the Millennium Development Goals set at the beginning of this new century. Not long from now, we will reach the 2015 MDG deadline.

And that is why it is so important for the membership of the United Nations to act in good faith and pledge to the development work of the United Nations system. This, of course, is being accomplished through a multilateral framework.

In a world facing many global challenges, not the least of which is climate change, the spirit of multilateralism is an absolute necessity. Without the key ingredient of global partnership, the right to develop will remain out of reach for many developing countries, in particular small islands and least developed States.

Indonesia acknowledges that the United Nations and its many related development agencies constitute the heart and soul of the multilateral system which has contributed so much to the growth of developing countries, large and small.

Indeed, multilateralism is the foundation for the operational activities of the United Nations which have lifted countless individuals out of poverty and misery. UN operational activities also help to build up the potential of the developing countries for productive cooperation among themselves, that is, for South-South cooperation.

This commendable record of achievement would not be possible if the United Nations system, most especially the United Nations Development Programme, could not depend on the availability of resources from its universal membership. Since development is not a single act but a continuous process, sustained funding for its accomplishment is always necessary.

It is in that light and against that background that we must approach this pledging conference. Very often we hear about the fast approaching deadline for the achievement of the MDGs and the shortage of funds, whether as ODA or FDI, that has handicapped the MDG implementation process.

This pledging conference offers all States an opportunity to contribute to the pool of resources available to the United Nations for its invaluable development work. As members of the global family, we should not hesitate to give in order to ensure that the good work of the United Nations continues uninterrupted.

For this reason, Mr. President, I am pleased to announce on behalf of the Government of Indonesia that we will contribute $50,000 to UNDP’s 2008 regular budget and $100,000 to UNICEF. In addition we will provide $50,000 to UNIFEM, $35,000 to UNFPA, $20,000 to UNCITRAL, $10,000 to UNITAR and $20,000 to INSTRAW. We are maintaining the level of our contributions despite the profound internal demands on our domestic resources. However, be assured that Indonesia will provide additional funding for other United Nations undertakings in the future.

To conclude, let me state it is our sincere hope that the funds pledged today will be fully utilized, particularly for the advancement of human resources. It is also our sincere hope that all countries, especially our development partners, will ensure that the contributions pledged this year will not fall short of the agreed targets.

Thank you, Mr. President.


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