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Statement by

H.E. Dr R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa


Permanent Representative of

the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations


at the informal meeting of the plenary of the General Assembly on “the question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and related matters to the Security Council”


(Exchange 2 of Third Round) 


New York, 2 September 2009



Mr. Chairman,

We thank you for holding this exchange of viewson expansion in both categories of membership, permanent and non permanent.

Indonesiawould like to offer some thoughts in this regard, in brief.


Mr. Chairman,

Indonesiabelieves that expansion in both categories of membership offers an optimum potential to address the fundamental shortcomings of the Council as presently constituted, namely its lack of representativeness.

Such deficit has been widely recognized and hardly needs repeating.

An expansion in both categories of membership offers a rare opportunity to realize a Council which better reflects the contemporary world.


Mr. Chairman,

If the need for, and benefit of, such comprehensive reform through an expansion in both categories of membership is felt so self evident, the obvious lack of consensus or widespread support at this juncture for such reform begs question.


The answer, it would seem to us, lies in the fact that concurrent with the deliberation on the merits or otherwise of such expansion in both categories of seats, is the infusion of national aspirations, quite justifiable no doubt, to permanent membership status.


Projection of national aspirations which ought, perhaps, await the conclusion of the reform process.


Not surprisingly, as a result there has not been an abundance of a conducive climate for an objective and deliberative discussion of the proposed increase in both categories of seats.


Mr. Chairman,

Indonesiahas its view on the criteria or qualities which a prospective permanent member of the Security Council ought to possess; in line with the Charter.We shall not, however, tax the attention of the present meeting on these criteria.What we wish to underscore, instead, is the compelling case for greater representation of developing countries from regions presently underrepresented; and for a reformed Council to better reflect the diversity of our contemporary world. A Council made up of additional non permanent and permanent seats, rich in diversity, yet united and able to speak with a common voice in discharging its Charter mandated responsibilities.


The reality, however, Mr. Chairman, at this present juncture we are yet to see widespread support for the expansion of both categories of seats, probably for the reasons we have alluded to earlier.If the issue is forced, we could face the unfortunate situation of a Security Council reform process concluded, yet at the cost of greater division among the membership of the UN at large.


Thus, not withstanding the obvious appeal of expansion in both categories in ensuring a more representative Council, it is our considered view that, at the present time, the intermediate approach deserves further consideration in order to move the process forward.

In so stating, we are not jettisoning the possibility of a future reform involving an expansion in permanent members.This is one issue which can be addressed in the “review” concept within the intermediate approach which we shall all delve into tomorrow.


Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


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