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Statement by

H.E. Dr R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa


Permanent Representative of

the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations


at the informal meeting of the plenary of the General Assembly on “the question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and related matters to the Security Council”


(Exchange 3 of Third Round)


New York, 3 September 2009




Mr. Chairman,


We thank you for convening this exchange of views. The aim of today’s meeting is to consider the intermediate model, and to see what could be its different varieties.


Our position on the intermediate approach has been expressed on a number of occasions.


As we stated yesterday, due to the divergence of positions, and also the imperative to move forward, the option of an “intermediate approach” with a clear and predetermined review mechanism is worth considering.


As an intermediate formula, my delegation, would not disagree with the proposal of creating a new category of seats, which will be for a longer period than the regular two-year term.Apart from the present two categories of Council’s membership, we could envision new seats ranging for duration of four to five years.


With regard to whether a serving country under this new category could be reelected immediately after its membership period lapses, our view is that for the interest of the broader membership this seat is not directly renewable. However, we would be willing to listen to the idea of this new category of seat being renewable only once.


These new seats should be subject to a future review. The review should be a comprehensive evaluation of the interim changes, and must allow adjustments should Member States deem it necessary in light of their experience with the intermediate model.


The review process should take place only after a long-enough period has passed, to allow for a comprehensive assessment. An interval of 15 to 20 years after the entry into force of the reform would be a proper moment in time for a review.


The meaning of review should be clear. What we envisage is that the review would assess how the reformed system is functioning, and not particular member states of the Council.


If this intermediate approach is going to be the case, we share the views that there should not be any switching or “flip-flop” position between the categories when a member state chooses its term seat. This would give greater opportunities to smaller countries or those that have yet to serve in the Council.


Finally Mr. Chairman, once elected to the Council, the countries should be held responsible globally, and not only regionally.Coupled with the enlarged size of the Council, this approach would lead to greater participation, transparency and democracy in the Council.

I Thank You, Mr. Chairman.

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