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Intervention by
Ambassador H.E. Rezian Ishar Jenie
Permanent Representative of
the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations

Agenda item 108:
“Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism”
at the Sixth Committee of the General Assembly


New York, 6 October 2005


Mr. Chairman,

On behalf of the delegation of Indonesia, let me begin by expressing to you and the other members of the Bureau of the Sixth Committee, my warmest felicitations upon your election. Let me assure you of my delegation’s full support and cooperation.

My delegation subscribes to the statement already delivered by Vietnam on behalf of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), and Yemen on behalf of the UIC.

Mr. Chairman,

We open this discussion about Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism” against new terrorist bombings at the weekend in Bali, Indonesia.

Last Saturday, suicide bombs exploded almost simultaneously in restaurants in two busy areas of Bali, again shocking the world and the conscience of humankind by the brutality and heartlessness of its perpetrators. Twenty two people were killed and more than 100 others were wounded, and on behalf of the Indonesian government, I would like to extend our condolences to the relatives of the victims and nations who lost their citizen in the brutal attacks.

The blasts, which took place in crowded locations indiscriminately but carefully targeting innocent civilians in public area were clearly the work of terrorist.

Indonesia strongly condemns these cowardly, heartless attacks on innocent tourists and civilians. Shortly after the blasts, President Yudhoyono immediately instructed relevant institutions to launch a prompt investigation, and pledged to hunt down the perpetrators and make them account for their actions.

Mr. Chairman,

The Government of the Indonesia is determined not to be sidetracked from its reform efforts to create an open, democratic society. No amount of blackmail or scare tactics will frustrate us from our efforts to enhance development, strengthen rule of law and protect human rights. And we will not succumb to terrorism or any other organized crime.

On the contrary, we are more determined than ever before to cooperate with other nations who are working hard to develop a comprehensive response to this menace to international peace and security. We know that terrorism will be defeated.

Before I continue, allow me to take this opportunity to express the sincere gratitude of Indonesia to all delegates for their sympathy and support for my country over the terrible terrorist attacks that occurred in Bali.

Mr. Chairman,

We believe that such attacks, coming just before negotiations of the comprehensive convention on international terrorism are a clear message to the international community to redouble its efforts to settle pending issues on the draft convention.

It is a useful reminder for us that terrorism continues to constitute the same serious threat to international peace and security as it did when we met here last year, and the years before that.

A corollary damage of terrorism is that it not only inflicts all of these “immediate” effects on people, it inflicts more insidious and lasting ones, such as incalculable economic losses and setbacks to development. It therefore violates not only the right to life, but also the right to a better life.

The brutal attacks targeting innocent civilian in different places around the globe clearly revealed that terrorist attacks can occur everywhere at anytime, and everyone is a target. In any delays and postponements lies the possibility of another preventable attack somewhere.

Nobody and no nation are safe from terrorism, and the only viable and reasonable response can only be that which is produced by international cooperation.

It is our firm conviction, as we have stated in previous interventions here and in other fora of the United Nations, that all peoples and civilizations and religions must work together, and with the United Nations in the forefront.

In this connection, we share the conviction of the need for the conclusion of the comprehensive convention on international terrorism, in line with the view of the Outcome Document of the High Level Plenary Meeting. We also share the conviction that the General Assembly should, without delay, develop further the elements of counter-terrorism strategy identified by the Secretary General.

The adoption of this strategy, which would shortly be accompanied by the convention, would contribute to the promotion of a comprehensive, coordinated and consistent response to terrorism at the national, regional and international levels.

It is our view, Mr. Chairman, that this comprehensive strategy will begin by determining that terrorism, like any other ailment, can best be dealt with if its underlying causes are ascertained. In this way, the international community will be doing the realistic thing and focusing on an approach that can yield the desired results, rather than combating only the mere symptoms of terrorism.

Broadening understanding among faiths and civilizations is also important so as to prevent the indiscriminate targeting of different religions and cultures. In this connection, it is the belief of Indonesia that we must work to win the heart and mind of young people if we want to success in this effort. Finally, it is vital that the strategy should be consistent with international law and protection and promotion of human rights.

Mr. Chairman,

Toward the Convention, my delegation is pleased to recall the conclusion of last April, by the Ad-Hoc Committee established by General Assembly resolution 51/210, the Convention on Nuclear Terrorism.

Complimentary to this is Security Council resolution 1624 of 14 September 2005 which calls upon states to adopt appropriate measures to prohibit by law, incitement to commit terrorist acts, to prevent such conduct and to deny save heaven for anyone guilty of such conduct.

These latest developments, in addition to the strong commitment of our leaders in the Outcome document, in our view, provide a viable basis for States to forge a common position for early progress for the conclusion of the Comprehensive Convention.

Indonesia will continue to support the work of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Sixth Committee in this regard, and we look forward to speedy solution to the outstanding issues in the draft Convention.

We urge all delegations to exercise their flexibility and work together in the spirit of cooperation and accommodation toward the finalization of the draft convention under consideration.

We believe that the Sixth Committee should not lose sight of this momentum.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


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