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Statement by

H.E. Mrs. Adiyatwidi Adiwoso A.

Deputy Permanent Representative/Chargé d’Affaires a.i

of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations
at the High-Level Segment of CSD-15

“Turning Commitments into Action, Working Together in Partnership”

New York, 11 May 2007



Mr. Chairman,

The thematic issue of our debate is indeed very crucial in translating the sustainable concept produced by the Brundtland Commission 20 years ago and other agreed commitments thereafter particularly Agenda 21 and Johannesburg Plan of Implementation.

It is our deep conviction that turning commitment into action needs international cooperation. This led to the development of a global partnership underlined by the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and recognition for the need to provide increased financial and technical assistance to developing countries.

We therefore urge developed countries to make concrete efforts on the financing commitments in the Monterrey Consensus as well as the full and effective implementation of the Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity Building.

Mr. Chairman,

It is particularly important as well that the support of the international community go towards addressing the challenge of climate change. The poor and vulnerable countries will be the hardest hit because they depend more than others on natural resources for their survival. This makes it more difficult for them to adapt to global warming that leads to more extreme weather events, the rise of sea level and the adverse impacts.

To address climate change effectively, concerted efforts by all governments, the private sector, international organizations, civil society and other stakeholders are urgently required.

There is a lot of hope and expectations riding on the upcoming COP-13 of the UNFCCC and MOP-3 of the Kyoto Protocol that my government has the honor to host in Bali this year. The fourth IPCC report warns us that no one will be immune from climate change and inaction would be detrimental for all of us. Let me therefore assure you that my government is fully committed to ensuring the success of the conference and looks forward to identifying concrete measures to strengthen the international response on climate change. My delegation in its national capacity has identified four key priority issues to be addressed namely: (i) Enhanced international cooperation on climate change; (ii) The transfer of environmentally friendly technologies facilitated by a multilateral fund; (iii) Incentives for developing countries to reverse deforestation; (iv) The appointment of an institutional mechanism to manage a climate adaptation fund with emphasis on simple and transparent procedures.

Mr. Chairman,

With regard to the issue of energy, Indonesia supports efforts to promote the use of energy efficient technologies and the use of renewable energies as part of achieving sustainable development and poverty eradication.

The national energy policy is targeting to reach high energy efficiency by the year 2025 by implementing an energy audit program and optimizing its energy mix by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and diversifying the energy supply that includes natural gas, coal and renewable energy. By 2025 we expect that 15% of the total energy used in Indonesia will be from renewable sources.

In closing, Mr. Chairman, my delegation is confident that more partnerships at regional and global level can be established to implement sustainable development. We believe that CSD-15 offers a unique opportunity to provide a strong impetus to a political decision for action particularly on the issue of climate change.

Thank you.

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