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As this High-level Event on Climate Change meeting comes to a close, I would like to congratulate UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for its success.

We have moved forward in pursuing the cause of climate stability. And we have met the need for a strong political message from the highest level on accelerating work in preparation for the 13th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bali and the Third Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol.

Although this high level event is not itself a process of negotiation, I am very much impressed by the deep concern demonstrated by the participating world leaders. Throughout the meeting, proceedings have been marked by a strong sense of commitment and urgency.

I am greatly heartened by the way we have highlighted priority issues within the four thematic areas of adaptation, mitigation, technology and financial support. However, our work does not end here. Indeed, we have just embarked on a new and exciting journey.

The Bali climate conferences are only two months away but there is a great deal of public awareness on their significance. There is a public demand for concrete and bold action. Thus, we are looking forward to their principal outcome: a bold global decision addressing climate change without significantly jeopardizing development efforts. That is what makes the Bali climate conferences so crucial to the future of humankind. I fully agree that we have no befter chance than in Bali to act decisively.

In my view Bali's success hangs on resolving two matters. One is what action to take from now until 2012. The other is what the world envisions beyond 2012.

Clearly, the innovative implementation of the Kyoto Protocol until 2012 is necessary to diminish the adverse effects of climate change. But we know full well that no matter what we do now, climate change will continue on its remorseless course. That is why the key words to the issue of climatechange are adaptation and mitigation. And that is why Bali must pave the way to the post Kyoto era.

Thus I fervently hope that the Bali meeting will adopt a roadmap to the post-2012 regime. That precious roadmap will make possible the implementation of realistic and tangible climate solutions. Evidently, the bucket of solutions offered by the present Kyoto protocol is not sufficient to address problems post-2012. We should therefore focus on reaching a consensus on what our common interests are and what should be our common endeavours.

I must also emphasize that the success of the future climate regime depends on the participation of the developing world in partnership with the developed world. A global strategy will not work if it does not include pro-development and pro-poor measures. Thus, the spirit of partnership must guide and imbue the negotiation process. That means the governments of developed and developing counties must work closely together. It also means that the business sector, civil society as well as individuals get deeply involved in this global endeavour.

As we approach the UN climate conference in Bali, the message of support from the world leaders should be loud and clear. Hence, may I urge all leaders to give clear instructions to their respective negotiators to conclude the conferences with concrete and bold action while bearing in mind the plight of the poor.

Of this I am sure: with the backing of political will at the highest level, we will be able to devise effective climate change solutions at the Bali conferences.

Hence, once again I appeal for your assistance and support to make the negotiations at the Bali conferences truly fruitful. For on its success depends the quality of life of our children and their children.

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