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Your Excellencies Prime Ministers and Presidents,

Your Excellency Secretary General of the United Nations,

Your Excellency Vice President Al Gore,


Distinguished Guests,

On behalf of my co-hosts, namely the President of Poland, the Prime Minister of Denmark, the Foreign Minister of Kenya, I am honored to welcome you.

The purpose of this special event, themed "Global Voice on Climate Change", is precisely that: to listen to the great voices of the stake-holders from the private sector and civil society on climate change.

Of course, when we talk about climate change, there are actually over 6 billion stake-holders, so the speakers and guests here today will have a great task representing their voices.

We have talked about the concept of "Interdependence" for many decades now. But the climate issue has fundamentally redefined what it means to be interdependent.

Because wherever you live, the car you drive, the forest you burn, the food you eat, the music you hear, the light you switch on - you are part of a larger picture that affects the amount of greenhouse gas humankind emits. To control it, you cannot
simply reduce emissions within a national boundary; you must do it all over the surface of our planet.

That is how interdependent we have become.

And that is why there is no alternative to a post- Kyoto regime that is as ambitious as it is creative, as progressive as it is effective.

The Kyoto Protocol was a good start, but it alone was never enough to curb global warming.

And when do reach that more ambitious post- Kyoto arrangement, we will need to make sure that it will reflect a global consensus that will bring everybody on board, from developed as well as well developing countries.

For I believe that there is now a confluence of factors that open-up a window of opportunity to forge that new global consensus.

As the incoming president and host to the Thirteenth Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Third Session of the Meeting of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol-yes, a very long name, I need to catch my breath every time I say it-- Indonesia will do our best to
constructively contribute to that end.

I am hopeful that the next round of climate change convention talks in Indonesia in December, in Poland next year and in Denmark two years from now will deliver a post-Kyoto agreement that truly places global commitments and action back on

And the best way to ensure that it will happen, is for all stake-holders to continue the relentless push to keep climate change issue at the top of our national and international priorities.

As long as we are able to do this, there is hope for humankind.

I thank you.


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