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Intervention by

H.E. R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa

Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia

to the United Nations



on the adoption of draft resolution on

“Climate Change and its Possible Security Implications”



New York, 3 June 2009




Mr. President,

If there is any issue which demands a united common response from member states, it is the challenge of climate change.

Over the past two years, leading up to the Bali Conference, we have witnessed that the General Assembly can play a crucial role in promoting a unity of purpose on this issue. It is in this light that my delegation welcomes the adoption by consensus of the resolution entitled “Climate Change and its Possible Security Implications” which is now before us.


Mr. President,

Indonesiarecognizes the urgent need to address climate change.

We fully understand that the impact of climate change is multi dimensional and may include possible security implications. As a country comprising more than 17 thousand islands, the effects of climate change on Indonesia could mean a matter of continued existence of many of our islands, people, cultures and ways of life.

From that point of view, Indonesia understands the concern raised by the Pacific Island Developing States.

Sea level rise triggered by climate change could set off a chain reaction which could adversely impact small islands developing states, including possible loss of islands and territory, the displacement of millions of people. However, gathering the relevant data and establishing a direct link between climate change and its security implications, requires further study and cooperation by all nations.

Against this backdrop, Indonesia is of the view that the request to the Secretary-General according to the resolution, to submit a report on this subject matter is an attempt to understand the linkage between climate and security, if after all there is any. In this regard, we encourage member states to submit their views on this complex matter as requested by the resolution. This will ensure that the richness of observations of the report is maintained.

Inviting all relevant organs of the United Nations, within their mandates, to intensify their efforts in addressing climate change, will provide all relevant organs of the organization to work in a coordinated manner. This will strengthen the capacity of Small Island Developing States to face the challenges posed by climate change.

Indonesiabelieves the issue of climate change is a sustainable development issue. The challenge of climate change is, therefore a challenge to our development efforts.

Let me conclude by saying that the issue in front of us is a complex one. Addressing this in the appropriate organs that is in the General Assembly and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will provide all Member States of the United Nations to deliberate comprehensively. This we hope can result in beneficial solutions for millions of people.

I thank you.


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